Page About Me: 
And How We Stole The Online Secrets With SBI!

This page about me sets the sail of untold hardship, struggles and hard times I experienced as a growing up kid. How I lost my childhood helping to hawk plantain in the hot sun while my mates were in school.

How I toiled from morning till night and still end up sleeping on the floor with my 6 siblings on empty stomach every evening. Until providence brought Networking and using SBI helped to smash networking.

Happy reading...

From where do I begin this story about me from? 

As you already know, I started school at almost 10years when my mates were already transiting to secondary schools. Because my parents were poor and couldn't afford to pay my school fees. 

My father was a gatekeeper and mother had a small table where she sells petty stuff like sweets, chewing gum, biscuits. Although, her intention was to compliment my father's meager salaries, but it seemed like a little drop in the big ocean.

Life was so tough, that I had to hawk plantains in the hot afternoon after I returned from school. No matter how hard we worked, foods always seemed to be scarce. And most nights, we go to bed hungry on empty stomachs. The hardest hit was Michael, my little brother. 

You could almost hear him sobbing all through the night. Such horrifying experience was better imagined than experienced.

Then, I began to wonder if there was a problem with the psyche of the poor. How can a security-man breed children like rat? Imagine 9 of us, 7 children plus him and mother holed up in one small room? Did he ever imagined he could train the 7 of us with the meager incomes he earned as salaries?

Thank goodness, tough times didn't last forever...

The Darkest Part Of The Night Is Nearest To Dawn...

Four years after I left school, our tide changed for good.

By chance, I stumbled on a life-changing opportunity that gave a breathe of fresh air to my family. We moved from our squalor of one room to a bigger two bedroom apartment in a better neighborhood. And life began to a have a better meaning...

And from thenceforth...

It Blossomed Everything
About Me And My Entire Family 

We now enjoy the luxury of a home where everybody can sleep on a bed and eat 3 square-meals...

So what did I do that changed the tide about me? Did I win a lottery? Or did one of my late uncles willed his fortunes to me?

That's the point and the reason I think we're here...

Therefore, to hit the ground running, this page about me will tend to unveil all our terrifying experiences, suffering, pains, failures and what we did to break out of the shackles of poverty...

It all started with a new biz concept...

Why We Choose Networking ... 

I can't actually remember the date, but one bright Sunday evening I attended a presentation in Mr Cosmos' residence. You know one of those nice couples you secretly admire in the neighborhood. Clean car. Magnificent home. Happy children. And always taking vacations outside the country.

Four years down my graduation from school, job was still hard to find, so I kept myself busy by running home tutor, teaching children at home after school during the weekdays while the weekends were reserved for my laundry jobs...

It happened that the Cosmos' were among those I do laundry for. That Saturday morning I was on time and settled on the children's clothes. I was almost folding the last dress when Mrs. Cosmos appeared from the dinning room to invite me to attend the presentation in their home on Sunday...

She called the gathering whether something like Business Opportunity Meeting, yes that was it.

It was at that meeting that I was introduced to a new biz concept called Network Marketing. Network marketing was a new addition to my vocabulary because that was the first time I heard about it and how it could earn me money.

The Presentation That Got Me Nearer...

"This is a new way of doing business and currently sweeping the world right now. Of course, the concept is helping ordinary people just like you and I to earn extraordinary incomes every month." Mr. Cosmos continued. He was the resource for the presentation.

He went further "I guarantee it would give you the opportunity to change everything about your life if you join us today and allow us to mentor you"... Then, he paused.

It seemed everything in the room became absolutely silent. The impact was so strong that it jolted me out of my reverie. 

And, he concluded. "We'll show you how to enjoy free travels, own a new car and live a nice life. Once you're ready, we'll guide you every step of the way until you start to earn income every month". 

"It was that same company that helped to change everything about me and my family. Everything you see in this house was courtesy of this same American company"...

That was it. 

It seemed his sermon that evening was centered about me and how I could use such program to uplift my struggling family.

I listened attentively, swallowed every word that came out of his mouth: hook, line and sinker. That night I couldn't sleep. Very early the next morning, I woke Mr. Cosmos up to begin a new life... 

For a weather-beaten-street-kid like me, it was a big leap ... a turning point. A new beginning with lofty potentials has just began.

The Turning Point ...

Good a thing, seminars were free and I attended almost all of them, watched testimonies of successful people and listened to motivational CDs. Met lots of crazy excited 'network' people. 

It was quite like a cult and stimulating. I discovered being around motivated and happy people also had some contagious  effects. I was simply intoxicated with joy and was ready to 'fly'.

But, despite all my commitment, hard work and vision I wasn't anywhere near making the kind of money Cosmos promised I would. Although, I clearly understood what leveraging and duplication meant. 

It seemed all my efforts were draining, like someone pouring water into a sieve.

"Am I not following instructions? Then, why was I constantly hitting 'brick-walls'.?" I thought to myself. I increased my "activities". I attended seminars the more. Prospected endlessly. Everything I was told to do by Cosmos, I did. 

I had a list of names as long as a big anaconda and I made sure I called everybody on it. And yet, it didn't jell. 

That was when it dawned on me that Network Marketing was one hell of a job. 

And I made up my mind that I was quitting. Am done and was ready to throw in the towel...

That period as you can see, was quite depressing.

Imagine, the only hope I had to transform my family was gradually slipping out of my hands  like sand in the wind... 

And I thought to myself: "Do you want to return to teaching those little children and washing clothes for a living?", "Probably, you wish to live the life your parents lived?"...


That brought me to my senses and I went back to searching for answers. This time around, I stumbled on it...

Eureka At Long Last...

I knew there must be a better way to drive this powerful concept. Then I went searching for guaranteed methods to get results.

If millionaires such as Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Les Brown and many others could endlessly extolled the greatness of network marketing. And see it as the fastest route for anybody with shoestring budget like me to secure a brighter future within a short time. 

Then, there must be something to it that met the eyes.

So I dived into the Net to keep on searching. It was while I was 'looking' that I stumbled on the truth. 

"You Can't Succeed By Selling
Your Opportunity And Products..."

It was difficult to comprehend but true. Because all this while, the sermon in our gatherings has always centered on sales and recruitment.

So, I was quite taken aback to find that if you long to succeed in network marketing, you have to change the old tactics of pitching your biz opportunity and your products. 


Because people aren't interested one bit in both. They don't give a damn about how good your products are nor how much money they'll make from your company when they join you.

They are simply looking for ways to resolve their health challenges. They seek solution. And that's what you need to do: look for the best way to deliver your solutions to them. 

That was what I did. 

I took my biz online, positioned myself as the expert and gave them what they sought...

This was totally at variance to what we were taught to do. To chase after our associates, families and friends. Harassing them till they join us or buy from us.. 

As you can see, such tactics have become obsolete. Because it breeds resistance and contempt...

Even up till now, I see a lot of new network marketers still make the same old mistake of following that same old pattern that leads no where. Causing them to struggle endlessly in this impressive concept. 

So, what is the way forward? And how did we stem the resistance?

We reverted to selling solutions. 

Took our biz online.  

And waited, because the money eventually came.

That Was What I Did To Open The Floodgate...

Since I was in the wellness industry, I started a website to show people how to use our products to resolve those inhibiting problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, fibroid, weak erection etc. 

Then we followed the teaching of SBI! on preselling. Which meant warming them up before pushing them to the sales. We wrote fantastic articles on what they needed to do, the causes of such problem, proven nutritional products to use and recommended those products to them.

And they were happy to heed our recommendations.

It was the game changer...

We got enormous support from SBI in helping us to submit our contents to the SEs for people far and wide to see our biz.  And if you watched closely, you'll notice, it's the same tactics that have kept us in biz here at aloe-vera-remedies. com.

By the time I reverted to this singular tactic, making money in Networking seemed like drinking water from a gushing water hydrant by the street corner.

But can we really round up this story about me without disclosing how I found the firm that helped me to remove the stress online?

How Going Online Changed My Game Plan

I finally got a website and took my biz online...

But little did I know I'll ever encounter other online palavers that reared their ugly heads immediately I hit the Net. Such problems as website templates, designs with good look and feel, coding, FTP, GCI, HTML etc. All these stuff were 'eating' me alive.

To my chagrin, the issue of visibility such as submitting my site to the various search engines (SEs) for people all over the world to find me and do biz with me came up. How to rank higher in the SEs. Feedback from people visiting my site....

By the time I collated every penny I'd spent on the different pros to put all these together, I was already approaching a $2,000. And that was equivalent of half a million bucks in my local currency...

Imagine burning over $2,000 upfront? Coupled with my lifesaving and loans that I took here and there. I discovered I've just dug myself into a big hole...

But is there a web-hosting and marketing company that can take away these stress and allow you concentrate on doing other activities that'll help to swell your bank account?

Honestly, it's easier for the camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to find such platform.

Except you have diligently carried out an extensive research and you're satisfied with what you found. With over a 1000 firms online peddling websites and blogs for 10 a dime and each struggling for your attention, then it becomes tougher to decipher the real people.

Except you're lucky. But online luck don't count...

What about me and the over $2,000 that went down the drain?It reinforced my resolve not to relent until I found an all-in-one platform that saved the situation.

We Found Solo Build It! And It Paid Off

The truth about me as a street boy, was that I made sure I get value for every Kobo I invested online. 

But unfortunately, I was carried away and wasted a fortune on a useless website package that didn't work. Of course, that experience added to our wealth of experiences. I short is got us better.

I now spend all the time in the world ensuring I get the best bang for my dime. That, was how I laid my hands on SBI.

Since 2013 we found SBI! It has been raw power in our hands, helping us to do amazing things online... 

So What Made SBI Special?

For sure, it helped us to remove all the complexity and  technology of building and marketing our new biz without learning those mark-up languages such as HTML, FTP, GCI. 

Does the SEs submission and optimization for us on automation. Ensuring our website met the strict criteria of serving both human and SEs before it submits our contents to the engines. Thus ensuring we were found by those wanting to do biz with us

SBI is now the only online marketing tools I recommend to my network marketing team. And has extensively grown our team beyond limits round the globe.

Everything Under One Roof, All For One Price...

Best of all, all these tools, all in one place, all for one price, and all tied together into a straightforward, integrated, step-by-step process that works.

Yes, raving about an amazing product such as is SBI is the best thing about me that keeps my team happy. Helping us to empower our fellow small biz owners to take their biz online and win.

Considering, the values we got from using SBI coupled with the fact of its working-class price, I took my time to do a review on SBI! and how it has helped us to remain in biz. You may wish to read it here...

To help small biz owners grow, most of its eBooks are now free. I think, you'll do well to start with Netwriting Master eBook.

Netwriting Ebook 
Shows You To 'Write' For Money...

Even, if you don't know what to write or how to write, you don't have to fret. This free eBook I got from SBI! will show you how to write for the Internet to make money. 

I call it the Netwriting Master eBook: A compendium of ideas and style of writing that attracts attention online. It's what you need to get the click-through to your website. 

Seeing they say, is believing, and as such, this second link will take you to see the all-powerful SBI: Solo Build It! website and how you could use it to conquer the Internet.

Ok, I think I have said so much about SBI, now let's revert to our story about me...

Is The Storm Finally Over?

To wrap up this page about me, we discovered that using the techniques, we have been able to build a well oiled network marketing system all over the world consistently lining our pockets with incomes considered 'great' every month. 

Affording us the opportunity to travel over 15 beautiful cities round the 5 continents without spending a dime.

All our traveling expenses were borne by our partner company: that has redefined what network marketing should be with its out-of-this-world incentives. With its Car Acquisition Reward scheme, we now have the opportunity to drive a brand new car of our choice every three years. 

And by becoming product of our products, we rarely visit the hospitals because our supplements worked to keep us healthy by meeting up all our dietary requirements...

Enjoying best of the two worlds in networking: Health and Wealth...

Wrapping Up?

Oh yes, before I forget them, my parents are now old and have retired to their country home in Asaba.  I bought them a retirement home. All my siblings too, are done with schooling.

And my little brother, Micheal? He's now a medical doctor and a big boy. Can eat a restaurant if he so wishes.

Was the journey easy? 

Nothing good, ever comes easy. I worked hard for it with sleepless nights and a strong determination to pull my family out of poverty.

The truth is, if you believe and pursue your dreams with tenacity, then success will be there waiting for you.

Remember, am not saying all these to brag or impress you but to impress upon you that if you're willing to conquer then you can. I just did. And that was the genesis of this story about me.

Once you're ready to change your life, then we'll be overly happy to show what we did, how to run your new biz on autopilot using your android handsets in the comfort of your home. And how to see exotic places in the world at no cost to you.

Can We End The Story About Me Without An Introduction?

Oh yes, am married now living with my beautiful wife in our home in Abuja. With four amazing children. See them below:

Just before I round up, I just remembered what I've not told you about me: Am Engineer Paul Nwabuzor, I live in Abuja and a Network Marketing Professional.

And a webmaster with this income generating blog at : I also show people to turn around their finances, stay of out debt using the greatest opportunity in the world.

I think, now we can round up

And hey, this about concludes the story about me. Today, the storm is over and we're living our dreams.

Therefore, in wrapping up, we've created a free 7-training modules together with a free download of another of our compelling eBooks on the best easy ways to run with this amazing concept considered to be tough nut...

Where we shared all our tricks and techniques for creating network marketing champions.

Welcome to the place of freedom...

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