How We Took Our Network Marketing Business Online to break even...With Profits

You can’t imagine it…

Until you’ve dipped your toes in it.

Yes, the abysmal failure of cutting your teeth in the perilous world of Network Marketing business.

You’ve slaved. You’ve toiled. You’ve worked.

And yet there seems to be no results.

Then you dared to join the bandwagon and do what everybody does. You contemplate calling it quits but somehow providence came to stop you with its doors of possibilities…

Now, imagine you could embark on a chance vacation of a lifetime. For days, you and your spouse could hole up in the best of hotels. Savor the delicate cuisines in the finest restaurants. And even go on crazy shopping sprees in the glamorous fashion world of Milan, Italy without care…

These of course, are the goodies that fall on your laps in the amazing world of network marketing business once you learn to run it …the right way.

And yes, it’s for this reason that we put this great article together. To share with you how we flattered, stumbled and despaired in the turbulent waters of networking opportunity…until we went online and found our rhythm.

Crazy Bills That Drove Us to The Street...

It’s the affliction of the salary earners.

Their inability to expand their salaries but rather indulge in the colossal wastage of the little available.

Surprisingly, I find I fall into the same group.

Remove my salary and you’ve cut-off my oxygen.

And without savings, my plan for the future looks very bleak.

Add to that, I am already suffocating in debt.

And to add salt into injury, I had the effrontery to dissuade my spouse from taking a paid employment. All in the bid to show off that I could cater for my household without needing her support. And I think they call it “meeting up with the Joneses.”

Then, gradually the storms begin to mount like the heat in a kettle attaining boiling point.

You become paranoid and tend to jump out of skin whenever the door bell rings. Because you’re 6 months behind in your house rent and the whiff of your landlord sends you scampering with apprehension. Then you return home to find the children have been sent out of school. The worst to endure is the constant nagging from your spouse for failing to provide feeding money.

Then darkness seems to pervade your miserable life.

It was at this lowest ebb that we whiz out of our hole with our tail in between our legs looking to find help…  

How Survival On The Street Was Herculean

At that time, we were unmindful that we’ll require different mindsets to run a biz.

For people that have wasted half of their lives working for others, it was difficult for us to decipher between salary and profits. Moreover our idea of pursuing extra income wasn’t far from “buying and selling.”

But buying and selling as we discover was far out of our reach as it comes at a huge cost.

  •  You’d need a shop.
  • Stock the shop.
  •  Find a sales rep to run the shop.

So it left us with no choice than to throw the thought overboard.

The second idea was to use my 2005 sedan as taxi after work. What buried that line of thought is that I have a herculean schedule at work. I imagined adding to such stress of driving around town after work is tantamount to digging my grave.

I was still contemplating on how to run with my day the next morning when the orange envelop on the dining table grabbed my attention. I guess my children must have forgotten to mention it the night before.

It was a dinner invitation for couples to a treat in one of the prestigious Chinese restaurants in Wuse 2.

“What is Dr. Michael Agu celebrating again?” Agu is a close door neighbor who loves the company of my family. And invites us out every now and then.

Little did we know that that invitation would be a destiny changer.

It was at the dinner that we found a business concept that dropped our jaws...

A New Concept That Blew Us Apart 

It started with the design on the invitation card.

A glimpse of the card set the tone for what to expect. Even the envelop on its own added to the statement.

And of course, the ambiance of the environment was sexy. Just as if couples were invited to relive their honeymoon.

But the icing came when one well groomed gentleman took the center stage and bewitched everybody with his mesmerizing presentation on this new marketing concept.  And by the time he was done, the applause was deafening. And you could see almost everybody in the hall reaching to pick a form to indicate interest.

Lilian and I were part of the jostle. Men! was the guy eloquent? He was an orator, smooth and hypnotized us to fall in love with this promising business on the rise.

That was how we set sail in the exciting world of network marketing business…

Come to think of it, if we’ve had any inkling that the dinner was a networking program, probably the invitation would have wasted on the dining table at home. And I doubt if Michael would have been happy to see his investment go to waste.

But did networking salvage the tide? Did it keep to its promises?

The Ugly Side Of Network Marketing Business 

At last, we were happy to own a biz of our own…

And the seduction in network market business came from its promise of quick financial break. This was the selling point that attracted us. And yes, our desperation at that time knew no bounds as we urgently needed to find anything to buoy our finances.  

So it was that the anointing was upon us and swung us into action from the very beginning. 

We drew a list of contacts almost the length of an adult anaconda just as ‘they’ instructed.

And we made sure we called everybody on the list. And yes, anybody within an arm's length was in trouble as we didn't miss the opportunity. We chase after anything moving within our vicinity. For the first time, we had our destiny in our hands.

Boy! Were we excited? We were floating for days.

It was a contagious moment that was hard to miss. Even our neighbors noticed the buzz around us.

The singular promise that it’d slash our debts in half propelled our enthusiasm and kept our hope alive.

But much as we tried, we find that our results were far from our efforts. We were hitting dead ends. As if we were deliberately pouring water into a leaking pot.

Not too long, the bubbles burst and we saw our last hope of getting out of the rot flying out of the window.

That was when it dawn us that people looking for “quick-money” are usually found on queues to get loans in the banks.

Gradually, as days ran into weeks, the expectations of living big dropped to naught. And our strength of mind abandoned us.  

What kept us going was that we befriended some of the big boys who were in the 6-7digits income bracket. Even our neighbor Dr. Michael Agu is a full-time network marketing business owner and his monthly incomes revolve around 6-7 digits.

So what could be wrong?

The answers got us thinking and led us to exploit ideas in the opposite direction…

Sizzling Recipe To Attract Mega Profits 

Sure, we already know that network marketing business is a huge money spinner.

Has the potentials to bring all our dreams alive, as we witnessed first-hand from the leaders in our team. We call them ‘upline’. But what got us thinking was how on earth, they were grossing such stupendous amounts of money every month?

The answer led us to become spies.  

But much as we tried, we couldn’t see anything. It was a brick wall. And I suspect the reason is because we were coming from the employee quadrant. So everything looked alike to us until we swallowed our pride and begin to ask questions.  

The bible says “ask, and you shall find.” We deployed the concept and like a magic wand, it flung the doors open.

Forcing our puzzle to fall into place. And our network marketing business began to flourish with exciting results.

It was eureka at last.

Surprisingly, we found they use tools…

Simple Tools To Rake In The Cash

To our surprise, we find the big boys don’t sell products or push opportunities.

And they seldom chase after anybody.

So how do they survive?

They deal only with people who have indicated interest in their programs. And use ‘tools’ to do all the grunt work of marketing and sales. Their focus is to provide solutions, solutions, and more solutions.

When you listen to them, you hear them talk about:

  • Websites
  • List and  
  •  Auto-responder

And of course, set everything to run on autopilot throwing profits their way round the clock. Even when they are fast asleep in the night.

Here is how they deploy these tools.

And let’s start with the…website.

How Website Attracts Global Attention

They understand the power of a website.

And take their business online using ‘conversion-focused-websites.’

The reason they chose conversion focused website is to convert prospects to customers.

The trick as you can see is to entice prospects online to pat with their contact info such as name, telephone number and/or email addresses in exchange for a gift, of course. And again it’d surprise you to learn that the primary objective of the website isn’t for sales of products or preach opportunity.

They use them to warm up their visitors until they are ready to buy or join their team.

They call the process preselling.

Preselling Stacks Your Sales Momentum

Let’s say you sell nutritional supplements.

Your preselling goal is to warm your visitors towards the benefits of your nutritional supplements. And everything the products do to get you back on your feet in a fly.

Say your products cure type 2 diabetes.

You’d focus on delivering persuasive contents on everything type 2 diabetes. You talk about the causes, dangers of uncontrolled diabetes, types of exercise for diabetics. Diets and foods to avoid. Side effects of drugs and finally how supplements provide better solution than drugs. And all the good reasons to embark on supplementation.

Am sure, you’re getting the concept?


You achieve all these with your articles. Yes, each article must end with a “call-to-action” (CTA).

A CTA is a subtle way to recommend your products as the solutions to their diabetes wahala.

That’s how they make money in their network marketing business.

Irreverent copywriter expert, Henneke Duistermaat in her book ‘Blog To Win Business – How To Enchant Readers And Woo Customers’ refers to preselling as ‘amuse-bouche’.

“Amuse-bouche is a taste-bud-pleaser. A typical example is the small slice of suya (peppered steak meat) that the mai-suya (seller) offers you to please your taste bud. It flaunts his skills and transmits what to expect when you patronize him.”

In the vein, your preselling articles would strive to serve as your ‘amuse-bouche.’ To wet their appetite with your expert knowledge. Helping you to stack the sales momentum until they swipe their credit cards to buy from you or join your team.

Using this simple strategy has kept us afloat with a growing profits that reduce our ever increasing monthly bills

But in all these, can we use only CTA to sustain prospects’ attention and push them to the sales?

The answer lies in the ‘list’…

Why You Find The Money In The 'List'

Soon, you too would begin to hear “the money is in the list.”

It’s the mantra of the big boys.

Oh yes, the ability to create list has made a conversion websites a must have for any serious network marketing business owners....

A list as you must have suspected is the population of your visitors’ names, emails and or phone numbers.  It’s a clever way of using a squeeze page or landing page – other names of conversion focused websites -- to entice your prospects to willingly give you their contact info.

And those info are worth their weights in gold. Because you use it to sustain the preselling momentum until your presold visitors exchange their money for your goods, products or services.

Remember, a list is a faceless crowd, so you must be patience when using one as it takes time to build relationship with strangers, so it is with a list.

Are there ways to bring the list into great use?

You start by reassuring them that you’re here to help. And further reinforce your expertise with solutions to their problems. And if they’re diabetics, you’d continue to show them why they need your products for speedy relieve…and gradually nudge them to the sales.

Yes, a vivid reinforcement of your understand of preselling is how Dr Ken Evoy, one of the finest online entrepreneurs and marketing genius puts it in his e-book – formerly sold but now free – “How To Make Your Content Presell”…

He compared preselling to offline relationship building between you and your service providers as follows: “Your hair-dresser asks all the right questions about your family as she weaves her magic on your hair. Or the additional handful of grains your grocer adds to your purchases. Or perhaps, the handful of sweets the shopkeeper throws into your shopping bag for the children at home.”

These are typical examples of building relationships. It’s a powerful way service providers lock themselves in your subconscious so that whenever you think of repeat purchases they easily come to mind. And its exactly how the big boys run things online.

So when they’ve given you enough warmth, you naturally gravitate towards them whenever you want to make any purchase…

Am sure, you too can now see there is nothing magical here about success in your network marketing business, just remember that it’s a game of psychology. And by following the footsteps of the champs, you can be rest assure you’d consistently hit the bulls-eyes, always.

To exceed your expectations, you must learn to give generously before you can begin to reap.

But then, statistics have shown that it takes a minimum of 7 exposures of your messages to prompt your prospects to take action.   

And that’s when they deploy the last tool: the auto-responder.

Unlimited 'Follow Up' With Auto-Responder

Let’s imagine you have over a 1000 prospects in your list.

And you have to presell to all of them.

So what do you do?

Take the pain to send every one of them the same message?

Okay, let’s say it takes you one minute to send a message, then it’d take almost a 1000minutes to send same message to the 1000 prospects. Meaning it’d take you almost 2/3 of a day to complete, i.e. 16.67Hours.

Who has such strength and luxury of time?

 That’s why the big boys can’t do without the ‘slave’ they call auto-responder.

Their timeless and unrelenting tool that saves them tons of time so that they can focus on other income generating activities.

This powerful tool allows them to schedule unlimited series of messages to their prospects. They schedule one message at it gets delivered to all the 1000 prospects at once. This has made auto-responder an indispensable allay in their run for a successful network marketing business.

And by the time they combine the seductive power of a website to the enchanting magic of a list coupled with the untiring postmaster in an auto-responder, the result is a well oiled income generating system. The best part is they set everything once and allow it to run smoothly on autopilot.

And you can see the contentment on their faces as they listen to the soul-uplifting credit alerts that swell their bank accounts.

So by stealing their recipes, we’ve been able to sustain our longevity in this thrilling world of network marketing business and showing our teammates to duplicate to achieve same great results. After all, networking is a business of copycat.

Which brings us back to the vacation of a life time…

Use these simple techniques, sprinkle a dose of hard work and without fail, you’ll be able to write yourself not just one, but many vacations, dine at the world famous Kanji Sushi restaurant and even swill on the best of wines money can buy.

Then, life begins to make sense. And demystify network marketing business as a hoax, And yes, life is good!

With this in mind, I think we can wrap up here…

Finally, We Found Our Rhythms...

This has been a long read, no doubt

But my goal is to impress it upon you that achieving greatness in your network marketing business is doable once you follow proven and tested routes.

In as much as some of us can sell ice-block to the Eskimos, unfortunately, such gift can’t be duplicated?

Network marketing business is all about duplication. And without duplication, I bet the level of dropout by your teammates will skyrocket. Bringing frustration your way and sometimes making you to bad mouth this marvelous concept.

Don’t get me wrong, nobody is telling you this would be a walk in the park. Sure, you must be willing to invest the time and effort it takes to get everything in sync before you can begin to reap. All it takes is to follow the least line of resistance by following the path less traveled.  

Do you have to quit your day job to go full time?

You shouldn’t do that till you’ve begun to earn at least 3x your monthly salary. Yes, network marketing allows you to earn profits while still an apprentice. And that's what I meant when I say “learn to earn”…

Finally, power without control as they say, is worthless so is learning without application.

By applying these remedies, you brightens your chances to excel in this life changing opportunity.

Let's start right away to change the process.

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Phew! Now that am sure you can take your network marketing business online and blast, I think I can now leave the ball in your court.

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