Ever Wondered Why
Acemannan Is So Powerful That It Boosts Your Immunity To Stay Protected?

First-of-all, Acemannan can be compared to a two-way traffic to help give succour to your cells: The incoming traffic allows nutrients to penetrate into the cells and nourish them while the outgoing traffic rids your cells of toxins for easier life ... No wonder, it's been lauded to improve your cellular metabolism and boost your energy level to non-stop vitality all day.


And if you're having issues with arthritis, relax, the potency of Acemannan would give you the comfort you need and ease your pains. Very important building component of joints, tendons, cartilages and ligaments. Keeps the joints well lubricated with sufficient synovial fluids -- fluid that helps your joints to resist friction and prevent such chronic conditions as osteoarthritis.

It's equally a blessing to people living with diabetes and smokers because it expands their constricted tiny blood vessels for effective blood circulation.

So What Is The Relationship Between This Powerful Nutrient, Mucopolysaccharide And Carbohydrate?...

And talking about Mucopolysaccharide ... are they carbohydrate or what?

So what do Mucopolysaccharide, Acemannan and Carbohydrate have in common?

Too many questions!

I know we're not in a Biochemistry class -- well, it's good I clear the ground before you over-run me with more questions ...

Ok, let's hit the ground running ...

Acemannan is a Mucopolysaccharide found within pure and unaltered Aloe Vera gel. And Mucopolysacchrides are actually small group of carbohydrate that work to prevent bacteria and viruses from having a natural colony in your system i.e. they prevent bacteria and viruses from binding at a site.

This is how?

Recent researches have shown that outside serving as an energy source, carbohydrates now play active roles in enhancing your immune function. Remember that most of your cells have carbohydrate molecules on their surfaces. Often-times, proteins or fats get attached to these carbohydrates and therefore act as receptors for bacteria, antibodies or viruses.

Since carbohydrate contains lots of sugars, these bacteria and viruses feast on the sugars to grow fat,
multiply, and attack the cells.

At this point, Mucopolysaccharide takes centre stage and work to dislodge the bacteria and viruses from forming a habitat. In other words, it traps and destroys them -- thus neutralizing their abilities to cause sicknesses and autoimmune diseases. That's how powerful Mucopolysaccharide is...

Meanwhile, to give credence to these facts, one U.S. researcher, Dr John C. Pittman wrote on the immense properties of this beneficial nutrient which was published in the journal of Health Consciousness of 1992, and he said: "Ace-Mannan has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help to control candida overgrowth and to establish the natural bacterial flora in the digestive system again."

Add to that, several scientific studies have actually confirmed that Aloe Vera has the resilience to increase the strength of your immune system and regulate all your body functions. The more reason
FDA has permitted its use in the treatment of HIV/AIDS patients.

So far, we can't shout 'eureka' yet because researches involving this potent nutrient is still at its infancy. The more we learn about it though, the more we realize how essential Acemannan is to our longevity ...

In addition ...

"These Are Other Powerful Ways It Can Benefit Your Defense"

Let me re-phrase it -- of course, it puts so much power on your immunity by depositing enough nutrients on your cell membranes to guide such menacing organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. In the process, allowing nutrients to seep through the membranes to nurture your cells and help you foster greater cellular activities. 

Outside these functions, it equally strengthen your white blood cells to intercept and destroy aggressive viruses.  Thus, creating a chain reaction that puts your entire defense structures such as monocytes, macrophages, killer T-cells, antibodies etc. on red alert for maximum protection ...

Recall that, macrophages are your frontline 'soldiers' in the resistance against bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections. They also play major role in recognizing and eliminating abnormal and unusual cells.

But ...

Can Your Body Naturally Produce Its Mucopolysaccharides?

That's one point I nearly forgot -- the answer is yes!

Your body produces its special form of Mucopolysaccharide called glycosamino-glycans that functions
to promote growth and enhanced immunity. Unfortunately, you stop enjoying such luxury once you
attain puberty ... after this time, you must obtain your doses from external sources such as Aloe Vera.

As you can see, the function of Acemannan alone testify to the fact the Aloe Vera is so powerful an immune booster. You need it to get protected.


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