Can Aloe Vera And Blood Sugar...
Help To Stabilize Your Diabetes

(Can they help you live a normal life without the complications of Diabetes?)

Aloe Vera and Blood Sugar ... a combo that brings you that much needed respite from diabetes, Uses the incredible active agents in Aloe Vera to lower your high blood sugar naturally and save you from the complications of diabetes...

That's why using Aloe Vera to fight high blood sugar is a common occurrence as both science and lay-man alike are discovering the powerful healing properties of this ancient medicinal plant in helping people living with diabetes.

And because it works, Aloe has found great use in many products as natural remedies to help bring down your sugar level and provide health benefits to great number of people suffering from one ailment or the other.

So, if you find your sugar level is always high, you've to watch it as it might be a sign of diabetes and go see your doctor to possible diagnosis.  Then you'd have to revise your way of life, your eating habit and stop all forms of alcohol. You should also introduce early morning exercises to your lifestyle.

Let me say here that once your sugar level starts to rise, two things are either happening. The first is probably your pancreas is producing insufficient insulin or none. While it might be producing, your cells may not be absorbing it. Good a thing, the result of your diagnosis would ascertain what is happening and the best way to tackle the menace.

In as much I'd say that Aloe Vera is not a "silver bullet"...researches are indicating that it could certainly be a huge blessing in bringing down high blood sugar, for example ... a study of 5,000 patients who drank Aloe Vera daily for over a period of 5 years had their high blood sugar and triglycerides reduced. Indicating that aloe works to bring down their abnormal sugar level.

Another confirmation of the power of Aloe Vera and blood sugar was the research carried out in Tokyo, Japan where researchers added Aloe Vera on daily basis to the diets of 70 borderline diabetics. The result saw a marked reduction in fasting blood sugar levels. This led these Japanese scientists to to point to five different plant sterols in Aloe as likely biological components that do the work of lowering their sugar level.

Although, researches on aloe vera and blood sugar are beginning to yield some promising results... science is yet to point vividly at the actual biological components of Aloe that are performing this wonders. Since Aloe is a natural remedy, it'd encourage you to add some of its products in your assemblage of routine drugs, but not without consulting with a medical professional.

In other words, you have to regularly use Aloe Vera. And blood sugar would have no choice than to maintain normal level... 

So, Why Do You Have Sugar High? And What Are Their Causes?...

There are two possible scenarios where you blood sugar can become abnormal which are either your body doesn't produce enough insulin or that it does but your cells are resistant to its absorption...

Naturally, it's the pancreas helps produce insulin -- a hormone  that regulates the level of sugar in your blood. Of course, insulin must be present for glucose to penetrate into the cells. Meaning that when you eat, your pancreas automatically injects the right amount of insulin into your system enough to allow glucose penetrate your cells.

And if it produces too little or no insulin, or let's say your cells don't respond appropriately to the insulin, it then implies you'd have to contend with high sugar in your blood. This excess glucose in blood then overflows into your urine, and while some certain percentage pass out of your body. Since your cells can absorb the glucose, it loses its main source of fuel.

As you can see, high blood sugar, heart disease and high blood pressure typically go hand-in-gloves ... and that's why diabetics are prone to toe, foot and total lower leg amputations. This is not to mention long-term damage of the kidneys resulting in renal failure and dialysis.

It's a serious case and must be checkmated before it gets out of hand. Sad enough, diabetes can only be managed, it does not have a known cure for now...

Another point to note is that, when you've had its onset, say for over 15years, there is every tendency that your vision may decline leading to blindness. In addition, and may further lead to obesity. Once you're diabetic and obese, it's difficult to prune your weight.

This singular factor has compounded to the woes of  many people living with high blood sugar...

And yet...without Aloe Vera and blood sugar...

The Prevalence of ... High Blood Sugar Is Rising At An Alarming Rate Especially in Children

It's alarming ... the way the issue of high blood sugar is affecting man. Yet, it's no secret that the number of diabetics is growing by leaps and bounds year after year. A disease that was formerly the reserve of adults has now become a big issue for children. Children are seriously on the heels of adults on diabetes and this is causing the medical community to lose their some sleeps.

Meanwhile, statistic from the American Diabetes Association, indicates that nearly 21 million people in the United States have diabetes, with about 90 to 95% having type 2 diabetes.
Outside the USA, over 5% of the world population are suffering from this debilitating disease ... amounting to over 346million people ... this has become a global disaster.

But can the marriage of Aloe Vera and Blood sugar ease this herculean problem?

So, Let's Take A Closer Look At What W.H.O Has To Say...

  • 346 million people worldwide have diabetes.
  • In 2004, an estimated 3.4 million people died from consequences of high blood sugar.
  • More than 80% of diabetes deaths occur in low and middle income countries.
  • WHO projects that diabetes death will double between 2005 and 2030.
  • Healthy diet, regular physical activity, maintaining a normal body weight remain the best control, and...
  • Avoiding tobacco use can prevent or delay the onset of type-2 diabetes

Very sad...

But don't despair, because you too, can still lead a normal life. The combination of Aloe Vera and blood sugar would force your glucose to stabilize and enable you live the kind of life you desire.

Of course...

Aloe Vera Does Improve Your Blood Sugar Levels...

Consequently, evidence from two human trials equally suggests that Aloe Vera can improve blood sugar levels in individuals with type 2 diabetes. However, during the clinical trails, the patients were placed on a dose of 15 ml - - equivalent to a tablespoon of aloe juice, twice daily on 12hourly bases. And results from these trials showed amazing responses.

Remember that in as much as there is no cure for this disease, you've to be mindful of what goes into your mouth. Once you disregard what you put into your mouth, it adds up just like little drops of water that makes the mighty ocean. It's not different from people with high blood sugar ... the calories add up and with time, tend to destabilize your life ...

Therefore, outside your conventional drugs, the combination of aloe Vera and blood sugar as natural remedy must work in tandem to bring you natural healing and wellness. Both must give you  the much-needed-respite from the 'monster' called diabetes ...

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