Effective Aloe Vera Medicinal Uses... 
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What best aloe Vera medicinal uses do you know and how have they helped with your stressful conditions of rheumatoid arthritis? Or probably you have ever experienced a debilitating pain that came out of nowhere?

Pain that can affect your life in many ways. And all medicines that you use to stop the pains create dependency and other side effects?

aloe vera medicinal uses

Well, aloe Vera has such potential to ease your pains and relieve you from acute painful conditions. However, according to Mayo Clinic researches there are many natural remedies more suitable for arresting such problems.

The pain can be a sign that something serious is happening to your body. And if it persists more than necessary, talk to your doctor to find the cause and ask him about the possibility of a plant based treatment.

Aloe Vera contains salicylates with anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. According to a study conducted by the Directorate of Health in Minnesota, it has in its composition magnesium lactate, a natural antihistamine that reduces the discomfort caused by allergies.

Aloe Vera is also good for burns, surgical wounds, chronic ulcers and frostbites. As you can see, there are many beneficial aloe Vera medicinal uses to help you stay healthy.

Medicine recognizes the beneficial properties of the aloe plant. From the aloe plant are used the aloe gel and the aloe juice. Today, these products are found in all our naturist stores and pharmacies. In as much as you can buy these products over-the-counter, you must take care you are buying value for your money. Such products include and not limited to:

  • Aloe capsules
  • Aloe Gel for internal use
  • Aloe wine
  • Aloe juice
  • Aloe Gel for external use
  • Aloe Shampoo

You can also  get at home-made natural aloe Vera gel. The aloe gel is a thick liquid located into the leaves which you can extract by squeezing the aloe leaf.

Other Aloe Vera medicinal uses at home

Aloe Vera means health and beauty. You get at home from your own flower pot, the aloe vera gel, ideal for skin, scratches or wounds. Apply the plant gel directly to the affected area or cut the leaves and crush them until you get a paste. It is used three times a day directly to the affected area, which is cleaned in advance. It can also be used to reduce wrinkles, eczema and brown spots from the sun, in the same dose.

As Hair moisturizer

You can also try the natural gel of Aloe Vera on your hair, if you have dandruff or greasy hair or probably you have a thin and sensitive hair. Just use the gel like a regular hair gel, but in smaller quantities.

Because it is rapidly absorbed, the same gel that you use for the treatment of many diseases can  also reduce inflammation. This is one of the most popular Aloe Vera medicinal uses. Many people use it for reducing various inflammations. Apply three times a day on the wounds and bruises and it would hasten the healing process.

Apply Aloe Vera gel on the sunburned skin. It has a calming effect and protects the skin from infections that can be easily installed when the integrity of the skin was compromised.

Clears Lesions Caused By Herpes

The lesions caused by herpes can easily disappear after an application of Aloe Vera. One of the most important Aloe Vera medicinal uses is that the plant has antiviral effects and dilates the capillaries. In this way the plant when applied to the affected area, speeds up the healing.

Five substances found in the aloe plant, called phytosterols, have strong effects against diabetes. The Japanese researchers have shown that 50 ml of aloe gel administered daily lowers and stabilizes the blood sugar. Another research done in hospitals in India, in 2008, showed that only two capsules of aloe (of 500 mg each) administered daily stopped the progression of type II diabetes.

Since 1989, the researchers from the Medical Institute in Okinawa, Japan, reported the discovery of three substances with antitumor effect in aloe. The researchers concluded that aloe helps to slow or to stop the evolution of pulmonary tumors. In the research, Aloe gel was administered topically (50 ml daily) while its capsules ( 2-3 daily).

Meanwhile, you now know most of the aloe Vera medicinal uses, but I must say that, we have only scratched the surface of these medicinal uses. This topic alone can fill a medical journal, until then enjoy the above uses, take care of your health and learn to cherish life.

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