Discover How Aloe Vera
Powder Help To Arrest And Numb Your
Body Pains?
(Will The Powder Deliver Same Benefits As With The Juice And Gel?)

The power in the Aloe Vera powder is latent and can deliver all the benefits as with its gel and juice.  Although sold over the counter, Aloe powder has been compared to aspirin and it's said that it helps cure many of the same problems that aspirin does such as easing the pains of arthritis, lowering your sugar level etc.


Of course, we all know the benefits of having Aloe Vera in our lives.  From gel to juice, this wonder plant is truly nature’s medicine box. 

However, many people have expressed their fear that dried Aloe, most times loses its nutrients and becomes less efficacious. This is not true, because recent researches have shown that Aloe powder still harnesses all of the benefits you find in Aloe Vera.

Although, powder is a lesser known form of this wonder plant, it equally does well to deliver on the Aloe Vera promises.

And, can be used on a daily basis.

Would Aloe Vera Powder Still Retain Its Potency Despite Its Powdery Form?

Of course, being in powdery form solves the inherent problems that comes into play when the plant is processed commercially such as the lose of nutritional values and its beneficial properties. One thing to note, is that gel from aloe plant must undergo some processes before it can meet industry standards.  Because of this, it's not stable and storing the raw gel of the aloe plant weakens it to lose its efficacy. 

But, Aloe powder – made from drying and grinding up the aloe leaves – does not break down as fast and it allows you to mix it with juice or water for an oral use, or with medicines, makeup, and lotions for a topical uses...

It's not surprising therefore, that Aloe powder has many advantages over its gel counterpart. For example,

  • it's easier to store
  • it's easier to mix with other medicinal and cosmetic compounds.
  • It's easier to ship.
  • You don’t have to worry about shipping live plants
  • You don't have to worry about damages.
  • Plus, it's ready to use right away.

However, if you purchased commercially processed Aloe powder, all you need do is open up the container and start immediate usage. Saves you the hassle of cutting and preparing leaves and messing up everywhere with gel.

Aloe Powder Is As Good As The Gel ... Use It!

If you prefer to use Aloe powder over the gel, you will find that it solves many of the same issues minus the bitter taste that is produced by the plant.  It can help treat diabetes, lower cholesterol and fight issues such as strep throat, nail fungus, athlete’s foot and jock itch.  It is also used by veterinarians to treat ailments in most household pets and in horses. 

And if you find your skin is getting over run with wrinkles, then of course, Aloe powder can help you fight the signs of aging and reduce your wrinkles while providing your skin with nutrients it needs to remain supple.

In addition to using Aloe Vera powder in medicines and cosmetics, you may find it used in a variety of soothing bath goods.  You can use it in your bath with salts to soften your skin, in cold process, handmade soaps and even in candles for a soothing aroma. 

Keep in mind that Aloe Vera powder is not a medicine so there is no instructions on how much to take or use.  Always use common sense and if you use a commercially prepared Aloe powder, follow the directions on the package as approved by the manufacturer.  If you have any type of reaction to the Aloe Vera powder, discontinue use immediately and contact your doctor right away.

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