Do You Want 
Aloe Vera Seeds That'd Blossom Into
A Healthy Plant? ...
And Still Deliver Same Value As Aloe 'Pups'?

If you're surprise that Aloe Vera Seeds can grow into a healthy plant, then, you're not alone. Yes, for many people, it's a pleasant surprise that Aloe can produce seeds.


Meanwhile, the first step of growing an Aloe Vera plant using its seeds, is to remember that there are over 400 different species of aloe.  You need to make sure that the seeds you get are, in fact, Aloe seeds so that you don't grow berries thinking they are aloe. 

Of these many species, aloe barbandensis Miller a.k.a. aloe Vera has the best value for you. It's technically a type of cactus or succulent plant that tend to strive in a warm, dry habitat. They also do well in coastal and inland areas and don’t take too long to really take root and start to grow

Keep in mind that it’s better for them to be slightly dry and warm as this starves off fungal infections.

Discover How My Aunt Grows Her Aloe Vera Seeds To Blossom Gracefully Into A Robust Plant ...

Is it just me or do the commercially grown Aloe Vera plants you find at your local nursery seem to be ... well ... puny i.e. very weak and small? it boils down that if you want to grow a well rooted aloe Vera plant, using seeds would give a better result.

I have an aunt that grew her plant from Aloe Vera seeds and I remember it had big, thick leaves that oozed gel when you broke it open.  It's her go-to-plant, because anytime we had cuts, bumps, burns and bruises that what she smeared on it. She virtually smeared it on everything. 

I'd always wanted a plant like that and I decided to grow mine from Aloe seeds too, just like she did.

So, here are some secrets of growing your seeds ...

Best Way To Plant Your Aloe Seeds

Once you have procured the right Aloe Vera seeds for your plant you want to put them in a bucket that has the following mixture:

  • 1 part compost, preferably sterile
  • 1 part of perlite and,
  • 2 parts of sand.

Mix these together with water until it feels just moist and has a nice uniform mixture. Spread the mixture into a nursery flat that is about two inches deep up to about a quarter inch from the top edge. Press the mixture in so that it is even and all of the air bubbles have been squeezed out.

You are now ready to plant your seeds.  Well, you should place your seeds about 1 inch apart on the surface of your nursery flat and push them into the surface with the palm of your hand.  Then cover the newly placed Aloe Vera seeds with a thin layer of sand. 

Place the flat somewhere where it can get between 8 and 10 hours of daily sunlight.  If you can't get them to see natural light, then shine a fluorescent light on the flat to simulate the sunlight.

Warm Environment Facilitates Their Growth

It’s advisable to get a heat mat that you can keep the nursery flat on so that it can warm the sand mixture and promote your Aloe seeds to grow faster.  You want to set it at 70 degrees and keep it on at all times while the seeds are germinating. 

Place a sheet of plastic over the top of the tray to keep them warmth in, removing it for an hour or so if you notice condensation forming on the inside.  When the top half inch of soil dries, mist it.  You don’t want it to dry out for more than eight hours.  And, take care that you don't saturate the tray.

It should take about two to four weeks for your Aloe seeds to sprout.  When the sprouts push
through the top of the sand mixture, water each one lightly instead of misting the entire tray.  This will keep the plants from getting a fungus.  Once they are big enough, transplant each into a pot that is about 2 inches deep using the same sand mixture you used in the tray. 

Of course, water them every three days with about a tablespoon of water. That's the way to grow your aloe Vera seeds.


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