How Does
Aloe Vera Spray Help Rid Your Pets Of Parasitic Bloodsuckers?

Do you use Aloe Vera spray to help your pets get rid of those menacing parasitic pests? Do you find your pets whining endlessly from painful attacks of fleas and bugs? Well, Aloe spray has been discovered to help these best 'friends' of man get rid of those bloodsuckers.


As an avid pet lover, I’m always looking for natural remedies for my pets. And quite recently, I stumbled across an article in one of my favorite pet magazines about using Aloe Vera on pets. I  thought of my German Shepherd, named 'Storm', that has been fighting unending battle with those blood sucking ticks.

As you can see, these ticks eat very fat from his blood and have made life very unbearable for him. After I was done with the story, I had a long conversation with my vet.

She affirmed to the fact that using Aloe Vera spray was the best way to naturally help Storm - my pet to live a 'tick-free' life. The reason was that the spray when used, is gentle on pets and tough on the parasites. And, help them regain their freedom from parasites, but not without combining them with some good veterinary care.  

Can Aloe Vera Spray Alone Perform The Magic? ...

Don't get me wrong ... Aloe spray won’t help with fleas, mites and ticks other than to ease the itching they cause. But using the spray in conjunction with some good veterinary care, which your vet would recommend, they work well in doing a great job of divesting your pets of parasites ...

Remember that, it's not only humans that have skin problems.  Oftentimes, dogs do suffer from allergies, abscesses, fungal infections, eczema and other type of dermal issues. And, aloe sprays can be of great help However, you should always use your spray under the watchful eyes of your vet.  They may even suggest an oral aloe pill.  Either way, it will help reduce inflammation and itching and it is great for sloughing off dead skin and healing wounds with discharge. 

Other Good Areas You Can Use Aloe Vera Spray On Your Pets

So what types of conditions can you use an Aloe spray on your pets?

1. Wounds and Burns:
Just like with humans, if you discover any wound or burns on your pet, Aloe Vera spray works wonders on wounds or burns.  Open wounds heal best when they are kept clean and moist with the nutrients required to grow new skin cells.  This Aloe spray helps keep the wound soothed and prevents germs  from sticking to it. 

Minor burns can be treated with aloe spray after they have been cooled with cold water and care. And should be followed up with an Aloe Vera gel as per your vet’s instructions.

Did you find your pet having digestive issues? Has been restless and irritated? Believe it or not, you can purchase Aloe spray that works great when used orally.  Some pets are more open to having you spray it in  their mouth than others, but it will help with gingivitis, oral ulcerations, and stomatitis when used regularly. 

It reduces the inflammation in the digestive system.  Your vet may also recommend using an Aloe spray to help treat vomiting and diarrhea.

2. Immune System Problems:
Cats and dogs both suffer from immunological issues that cause them to be miserable.  Hay fever, asthma, arthritis, rhinitis and allergies are just a few things oral Aloe Vera can help with.  While using an Aloe spray for these problems may not be enough, it may be wise to let your vet recommend
a stronger oral medication, it's the step in the right direction to soothing these 'friends'.

Most times, itching can cause ear wounds or ear conditions. Issues with the ear canals thanks to mites, fungi, bacteria and yeast infections are very common in pets.  Once your pet has had their ears checked by the vet, you can use an Aloe spray prescribed by them to treat the issue.  An Aloe Vera spray can also be used for eye problems such as conjunctivitis and keratitis to help soothe inflammation and reduce the possibility of infection.  So, before you do anything, make sure your vet checks for eye issues.

Remember that no matter how bad you think the condition of your pet is, make sure you don’t self-diagnose it.  A licensed vet should look over your pet and suggest treatment first.  If you use an Aloe spray, don't over wash your pet’s skin before applying it.  The fur have natural oils that help in the healing process. 

Only remove fur around a wound if needed by clipping it away.  Aloe Vera spray should be used 4 to 6 times a day at first and gradually reduce usage to twice a day as the condition improves. This ensure that these friends remain happy and loyal.


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