Amino Acids...
Your Essential Building Blocks Of Protein

Amino acids occur naturally in plants and animals tissues and are basic constituents of proteins.

They play central roles both as building blocks of proteins and as intermediates in other words they provide you with a system of chemical activities that releases enough energy and
power from the food you eat.


Usually, there are 20 amino-acids that are found within  proteins and convey a vast array of chemical versatility i.e. ability to easily change from one chemical activity to another or on the other hand..

... find uses in many different forms.

Meanwhile, the precise acid content, and its sequence in a particular protein, is determined by the sequence of the bases in the gene that encodes that protein.

Sounds technical? sure it does!

But not to worry...I'll strive to take make it as simple as it could by ensuring we both remain on same page...

Ok, let's keep moving...

As you may have rightly assumed, proteins control virtually all your cellular process… and catalyze
most, if not all the reactions in your living cells. And that's why the chemical properties of these acids of protein determine the biological activity of that same protein.

Meanwhile, the only 'issue' here, is that your body can only produce just a few... and those it can't produce, are the acids we refer to as "essential"...


Why Essential Acids?...Vital Nutrients You Require But Can't Produce...

Yes, an essential amino acid a.k.a. indispensable acid is that acid  your body can't synthesize and therefore must be derived from what you eat. In other words, they are vital nutrients you require to strengthen your nerves and bones...

However, of the over 18 amino acids in Aloe Vera, your body can only produce 10 and must depend on Aloe Vera for those it can't synthesize. This is because you lack the necessary enzymes to help you  biosynthesis the remaining of the acids... allowing your body to perceive them as being artificial.

I must warn here therefore, that deficiency in any of the 10 essentials may result in degradation of your body's proteins which in turn affects your muscular activities...

Secondly, remember that as with fat and starch that could be stored for later uses, proteins, just can't be stored ... the implication is that you must consume protein at least once a day.

So, let's acquaint ourselves with some of the proteins that are considered 'essentials'...

Basic Essential You Require...

The indispensable acids are:

  • leucine
  • lysine
  • phenylalanine
  • threonine
  • valine
  • tryptophan
  • isoleucine
  • methionine
  • histidine
  • cysteine (or sulphur-containing amino acids)
  • tyrosine (or aromatic amino acids) and
  • arginine

Because, we refer to them as 'essential' doesn't mean they are more important to life than the others... no they're not!

Having said that...the only difference is that your body sees them as being artificial with very low bio-availability and hence can't process them for its normal use.


Those Considered As Being Non-Essential...

The other 10 that you can synthesize are regarded as non-essential because they naturally occur in your body tissues... examples are:

  • tyrosine
  • alanine
  • asparagine
  • aspartic acid
  • cysteine
  • glutamine
  • glutamic acid
  • serine
  • proline
  • glycine

Tyrosine is produced from phenylalanine, so if your diet is deficient in phenylalanine, then tyrosine
will as well become a scare commodity too...

Speaking of which I must remark, that the line dividing essential and non-essential acids is very thin,  leading to some of them being complementary in nature, for example, sulfur-containing proteins, such as methionine and homocysteine can be converted into each other...but neither can be synthesized de novo in humans.

Likewise, cysteine can be made from homocysteine but can't be synthesized on its own.

That's why we consider arginine, cysteine, glycine, glutamine, histidine, proline, serine and tyrosine as being conditionally essential...


... because they are not usually required in the diet. And most times, have to be supplied exogenously to specific populations that do not synthesize them in adequate amounts...normally in areas where the prevalence of phenylketonuria (PKU) disease is very high.

You must also note that individuals living with PKU must keep their intake of phenylalanine extremely low to prevent mental retardation and other metabolic complications. Sad enough, they can't synthesize tyrosine from phenylalanine, so tyrosine becomes very vital in their feeds.

Ok, let's turn around to wind up...

Up to this point, I must confess that I'm really excited that Aloe Vera can give you all these powerful enrich your life with protein.

So if you've not been using Aloe Vera for your healthy living...then, now is your best time to join the bandwagon of happy people enjoying the generosity of essential Amino Acids that Aloe provides for them including your very self.

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