Lowering Your
Naturally To Stay Healthy...

cholesterol is produced naturally in your body to aid the production of healthy cells, vitamin D, essential hormones and nerves insulation...

In a simple term it's a substance found in blood, fat and most tissues of the human body and when it's too much in your body, can cause unpleasant results such as heart attack, high blood pressure, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and stroke.

However, this does not mean that cholesterol is bad because your body can't entirely function without it, the only problem is that you need to maintain it in moderation.

In other words, you need it to stay alive but at reasonably low level that will not cause you to lose your sleeps at nights.

What If It's High?...

Like I mentioned above, high cholesterol is a condition that affects your heart and blood vessels which might result in high risk diseases.

That's why, when it's high, can lead to Stroke, heart attack or lose of memory etc. This is because it builds up plaques in your arteries that narrows your blood vessel limiting blood circulation to both your heart and brain.

The build up of plaque in your blood vessel is a serious health issue known as atherosclerosis.

As you can see, being high can be a major risk factor to your healthy living. So always watch it!

Unfortunately, some of these conditions, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol have no obvious symptoms, but may come in form of pain, confusion, swelling, or shortness of breath...

Other Simple Ways To Lower It Naturally...

Knowing how to lower it naturally is easy... it only requires you to make some informed lifestyle changes which also includes changes to your diet. The first step is to increase your high dietary fiber food intake: foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains.

This is very good because soluble fiber from beans and whole grains actually binds with bad cholesterol and flush them out of your body.

The second step is to eat good fat and eliminate bad fat. Usually, you get bad fat from consumption of animal products such as from dairy and red meat. So, stick with oil low in it and use fish as your main sources of fat.

Remember, that omega 3 from fish oil not only improves it, but also help to lower your blood pressure thereby drastically reducing your risk of heart disease.

The third is to start feasting on fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables have been shown to help lower it and protect you against heart disease. So replace sweets and processed foods with healthy fruits. Fruits also contain anti-oxidants that help protect your cells from free radicals...

And the fourth? Is to include Aloe Vera in your regiment of natural/organic products and ensure you use it on regular basis. Researches have also shown that Aloe Vera can naturally help to keep you on its safe-side too.

The Fifth is for you to embark on regular exercise...you have to regularly carry out 20 -30 minutes exercise five times a week. The best time for exercises is in the mornings before 7am and always strive to break sweats during your exercises to help you release endorphins...

Outside Aloe Vera, your second best way to help you come to terms with it, is through the use of fish oil...

Fish Oil Also Lowers Your Risk of Blood Clot and Triglycerides

Triglycerides simply means blood fats. And Omega-3 fats from fish oil exert a powerful effect on the lipid and platelet composition of blood, reducing the tendency of platelets to clot and clearing dangerous levels of triglycerides (blood fats).

Clots which travel through narrowed coronary arteries are much more prevalent when glucose in the blood is high, so any intervention which lowers this tendency will reduce the risk of a heart attack.

In addition, Fish oil also lowers the prevalence of systemic inflammation which is rooted in the initiation and progression of diabetes and heart disease, as well as many other life threatening conditions.

The anti-inflammatory properties exerted by Omega-3 fats reduce the release of harmful chemical messengers by the immune system which wreaks havoc on the delicate endo-thelial lining of the arteries. Fish oil has been shown to reduce the risk of death from  heart attack...

In like manner, the anti-inflammatory property in Aloe Vera has equally been observed to greatly help in reducing the effect of cholesterol and triglycerides.

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