Diabetes Mellitus,
A Silent Killer That Steals Your Life...

Diabetes Mellitus, or simply diabetes is a killer disease that slowly steals your life away ... blindness, lower limbs gangrene, uremia, brain stroke or cardiac infarction, loss of sexual drive, constant urination, dizziness, tiredness, excessive thirst for water and sweating...

These are all hallmarks of the disease...

It doesn't matter what your status is, once you're diabetic, you're in for a rude shock...because it doesn't have a known cure for now.

Meanwhile, the only best way to curb this 'monster' is by controlling it. Failure may result in such chronic complications as blindness, kidney failure, nervous breakdown, skin infection, blockages of your blood vessels and heart attack...


If you always thirst for water or you're always sweating and wanting to urinate at every opportunity... or probably your sight is beginning to fail you or that you seldom remember things...

Then, watch it! You may be IN for diabetes. And need to see your doctor right-away.

Although, there are many other symptoms but these are predominantly the major pointers.

Why It's ... A Silent Killer

It’s a metabolic disorder that results in the inability of your body to either produce or use insulin properly. A diseases characterized by high levels of blood glucose resulting from defects in either the production or action of insulin, or both.

Meanwhile, it comes in three different types:

Sure, it's your production of insulin that determines what type you have and remember that insulin is the hormone that helps you convert glucose into energy.

How Insulin Works...

Insulin is a hormone produced by your pancreas, a large gland behind your stomach that regulates  levels of sugar in your blood. It must be present in order for your glucose to get into your cells.

That’s why, when you eat, your pancreas automatically produces the right amount of insulin to move your glucose from your blood into the cells...

... and the level of glucose in your body is referred to as your blood sugar, which provides you with energy for your daily activities.

However, you must note that the concentration of the glucose in your blood increases after  every meal. Therefore, the action of insulin on your glucose enables this glucose to enter your cell to participate in a series of biochemistry reaction that helps you release energy.

Meanwhile, should there be a shortage of insulin in your body or a resistance in the sensitivity of the target tissues cells to insulin, then your glucose would fail to penetrate the cells preventing it from releasing energy... this sets in dizziness, weakness, tiredness, thirst and so forth.

In other words, the inability of your glucose to penetrate your cells causes abnormal rise in your blood sugar resulting to what we call: diabetes.

That's why, after its incidence, a series of turbulence of sugar, protein, fat, water and electrolyte happen, for instance a large amount of glucose is discharged through your urine, which also included such symptoms as excessive drinking of water, constant urination, dizziness and tiredness.

How It Steals Your Life

The sad truth is that, over time this "wicked" disease can... damage the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and nerves, for instance:-

  • It increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. 50% of people with it die of cardiovascular disease (primarily heart disease and stroke).
  • Combined with reduced blood flow, neuropathy in the feet increases the chance of foot ulcers and eventual limb amputation.
  • Neuropathy refers to the damage it does to your nerves and affects up to 50% of people with the disease. Although many different problems can occur as a result of diabetic neuropathy, common symptoms are tingling, pain, numbness, or weakness in the feet and hands.
  • Diabetic retinopathy is an important cause of blindness, and occurs as a result of long term accumulated damaged to the small blood vessels in the retina. After 15 years of living with it, approximately 2% of people become blind, and about 10% develop severe visual impairment.
  • It's among the leading causes of kidney failure. Unfortunately, 10-20% of people with it die of kidney failure.
  • The overall risk of death among people with this dreadful disease is almost twice the risk of their peers without it.

Put A Stop!...

Measures, such as change in lifestyle have shown to be effective in preventing or delaying the onset of type-2. To help prevent type-2 and its complications, you should:

  1. Achieve and maintain healthy body weight.
  2. Be physically active -- at least 30 minutes of regular, moderate-intensity activity on most days. More activity is required for weight control;
  3. Eat a healthy diet of between three and five servings of fruit and vegetables a day and reduce sugar and saturated fats intake; better if you can totally avoid them…

Diet is a basic part of management in every case. Treatment cannot be effective unless adequate attention is given to ensuring appropriate nutrition. Therefore, your dietary treatment should aim at:

  • ensuring weight control.
  • providing your nutritional requirements.
  • allowing good glycemic control with blood glucose levels as close to normal as possible.
  • Correcting any associated blood lipid abnormalities.
  • Avoid tobacco use -- smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Diagnosis and Treatment..

Once you’re above 30 years of age... you have to routinely check your sugar level and blood pressure at least twice a year.

Observations have shown that early diagnosis can be accomplished through relatively inexpensive blood testing which can help to protect your vital organs before onset.

Its treatment involves lowering your blood glucose and the levels of other known risk factors that damage blood vessels. Of course, stopping the usage of all forms of tobacco is a very important step towards avoiding unnecessary complications.

Other Great Ways to Stay Out of Its Reach

  • Moderate blood glucose control. People with type-1 require insulin;
  • people with type 2 diabetes can be treated with oral medication, but may also require insulin.
  • Blood pressure control;
  • Foot care.
  • Screening and treatment for retinopathy (which causes blindness);
  • Blood lipid control ( to regulate cholesterol levels).
  • Screening for early signs of diabetes-related kidney disease. These measures should be supported by a healthy diet, regular physical activity, maintaining a normal body weight and avoiding tobacco use.
  • Regular intake of Aloe Vera Juice/products

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More so, research has shown that Aloe Vera can help people with type 2 diabetes normalize their blood sugar with amazing effect on the liver and in cardiovascular disease. And when used internally, Aloe Vera also improves the quality of your blood and helps lowers your cholesterol and triglycerides.

To Cruise Home...

You must always cherish your health -- becasue "a healthy person is a wealthy person",  and if diabetes is not your portion, then all you have to do is to preserve your health. However, if it has made life unbearable for you, control it. If it is beyond what you can improve, get help! because diabetes kills silently...

Finally, you can see how you can stabilize your high blood sugar level using the power of the 'almighty' Aloe Vera ...

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