10 ways to ease your
pains of Rheumatoid Arthritis ...

How do you ease your pains of rheumatoid arthritis without sacrifizing your lifestyle? Ok, how did my uncle Eric ease his pains of rheumatism to get freedom from the torture of aches and stress?
These are questions I have to provide answers to here ...

We know Rheumatoid arthritis is a common form of arthritis that leads to painful joints, and it's an autoimmune disease. Meaning that your immune system attacks its own joints, causing injury to your healthy tissues. It usually affects the joints that support your body weight, such as ankles, knees and hips.

And let me also remind you that arthritis means a "joint inflammation", where two bones come together. And that’s why Rheumatoid arthritis is a type of arthritis that's sometimes difficult to diagnose because the symptoms may mimic other diseases.
The causes can be: genetic, biological, hormonal, lifestyle related or psychological factors. The truth is I can't factor what caused that of Eric because we don’t have history of arthritis in my family...
So …

Natural remedies provide
effective approach to relieving pains

The truth is recent research indicates that there are other effective approaches that deliver better results than conventional treatments such as the use of natural remedies. Therefore, some of the best 10 powerful ways to ease your pains of Rheumatoid Arthritis are as follows:

  1. Drink Alcohol in moderation: this would surprise you. Yes, alcohol reduces the risk of developing arthritis. Latest studies have shown that a moderate alcoholic consumption may reduce the risk of getting sick and the manifestation of severe rheumatoid arthritis.

  2. Use of Olive oil: Contains monounsaturated oil that doesn’t only prevent the development of rheumatoid arthritis, but reduces inflammation of your joints.

  3. Maintain good muscles strength: Of course, when your joints hurt, there is every natural tendency that your muscles would become tense too, leading to a higher pain. Other great ways to ease your pains of rheumatism is through using some breathing techniques, meditation, tai chi and yoga. These help to strengthen your muscles and help you relax.

  4. Another of the 10 ways to ease your pains of rheumatoid arthritis is by swimming. Swimming in warm water is beneficial because your body is suspended in water thereby relieving pressure on your joints. In addition, hot water relaxes both your muscles and joints, helping you to move easily.

  5. Give up the shower (at least occasionally) and take a long bath in the bathtub, where you dissolve bath salt rich in magnesium to help soothe your aching muscles and joints.

  6. Gardening is another effective way to ease your pains of rheumatism. As a form of exercise, gardening is more effective than jogging or any form of exercise designed to strengthen bones.

  7. Load-up yourself with iron: For someone suffering from rheumatoid arthritis it's vital to maintain a high level of iron, the anemia - - blood deficiency which is itself a symptom of rheumatism can occur in the absence of iron.

  8. Cut down your weight: Remove those extra pounds. If you have a weight that exceeds the normal limit, eliminating the extra pounds can take some of the pressure off your joints. In addition, the removal of excess pounds improves quality of life.

  9. Hey, Eric loved therapeutic massage: it was a powerful ally in controlling his arthritic pain and maintaining the health of his joints. Through massage he eased tension and pain that improved his blood circulation. And further enhanced his body mobility. The massage soothes muscles and the pains and numbness disappear. Thus, stimulating effective blood circulation that increases the lubrication of your body joints. For sure, he got lots of relief from Forever Aloe MSM gel. Soothing properties of this gel alleviated his pains.

So, these are the 10 ways to ease your pains of rheumatoid arthritis. Add a healthy diet to these and a good dose of optimism. Then, you good to go. Mind you millions of people are also in your bandwagon, so it’s best to learn to control and ameliorate your pain, so that you too can live a happy normal life.

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