Benefits of FLP Nigeria
Online Shopping Are Huge...

The benefits of FLP Nigeria online shopping are huge because with a click of the mouse from the comfort of your home, your premium products get delivered at your door step within 24-72hrs.

It doesn't matter where you live, whether you like in Sokoto in the north or Lagos in the south, Forever Living would deliver your products on schedule. For as little as N1,000 (one thousand Naira only) delivery charge, your products come to you at home.

Best of all  ...

Whither You Go, Forever Goes!

Whether you're enjoying your vacation in Ogudu, Cross River State or on transit in Makurdi,
Benue state, your FLP Nigeria online shopping would route your products to come to you wherever in Nigeria...

Office, home, hotels, wherever, FLP would locate you and deliver your products. It's a crazy bargain for a token N1000.

But wait a minute!

Even if you bought product worth N300,000 or above, you only need to pay an addition little charge of N2,000 and they get delivered...

It's simple and now, do you ...

Want To Start Your FLP
Nigeria Online Shopping Right-away?

You can enjoy your FLP Nigeria online shopping in two smart ways ...

The first, as a:

  1. Premium Consumer:

    This package is for busy people who need the products at a go. They love to buy at the suggested retail prices (SRP). Because they are time pressed, we help to recommend, shop and deliver their products to them...

    All they do is to ask and we deliver. In other words, they benefit from our free consultations on what products meet their health challenges based on their budgets.

    Once they're ready, we provide them with our bank account to remit cost of products and an additional N2000 to deliver the products to them...

    So if you fit into this schedule, you may now take a minute to fill your form below and get us started.

    You'd equally find the product price-list at the end of this page for your easy download ...

    On the alternative, if you decide to do your FLP Nigeria online shopping at 15-30% less the value of the products, then you'd have to fill a free registration form online that enables you to get your unique FLP ID # in a flash.

    And of course, it's your FLP ID # that allows you to buy products at discounts, not only in Nigeria, but all over the world where Forever exists.

    I usually recommend you start at this entry point, makes you a shrewd consumer...

  2. Shrewd Consumer:

    As a shrewd consumer you enjoy 15-30% discount purchases on all your FLP Nigeria online shopping for the rest of your life.

    Therefore, to enjoy your first 15% discount on your 1st online purchases, your minimum order must be worth N9,000 (nine thousand naira) and above.

    Just remember that once you use your ID to make a cummulative purchases of N75,000 and above, you become an Assistant Supervisor.

    Starting from that point, your discount doubles to 30%. Meaning that you buy at 30% less the value of the products and at the same FLP pays you 5% 'cash-back' on that same purchases. For example, let's say FLP sells its gel for N1000. As an Assistance Supervisor, you buy at 30% discount of N1000 amounting to N700. You shop at N700.

    Now, let's pay more attention here!

    You also enjoy a 5% 'cash-back' on N1000. Remember, it sold to you at N700 but pays you on N1000 i.e. original cost of product. You enjoy a free pay back of N50 from your purchase. A way of telling you thanks for patronizing us...

    It's crazy. You get paid to shop. And that's the more reason I recommend this entry point...full of many goodies.

    It doesn't take time to be part of this happy people: follow the instructions found in this link and proceed to register online and you become a wise consumer: Click here: Flp Nigeria Online Signup

Ok, Let Me Wrap-Up...

You learnt there're two quick ways to do your FLP Nigeria online shopping. The 1st is that you pay us to shop for you at the suggested retail prices (SRP). You fill the form below. The 2nd is to obtain your FLP ID and start shopping between 15-30% discount for the rest of your life.

Whatever you decide, we'd be there to guide you every step of the way till you get your products delivered.

Welcome to our team. The Flourishing Team -- a place where ordinary people like you succeed extraordinarily.

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