Get Your FLP Registration
In 3 Easy Ways!...

Of course, FLP registration is free but you'd need to know that there are 2 easy ways to partner with FLP and succeed.

Yes, and I decided to include the FASTRACK Business Model to make them 3.

Fastrack, as you'd later discover, is the best way to invest you time, efforts and money into FLP and start to enjoy the rewards within a month. It a platform that you'd use to get your quick break in FOREVER. Just read on as you'd soon find out...

3 exciting ways to register with FLP and change your destination:

Let's start with what I call the Family & Friend partnership ...

1. Family & Friends Consumer:

As I said earlier, your FLP registration is Free but if you wish to join as a Family & Friend consumer, you'd be required to make a minimum initial order of products worth $100. After that, your subsequent orders need be only $50. On every subsequent purchase
FLP would sell the products to you at 15% less their values.

You don't have to pay membership fee. No registration fee. No hidden fee and you're at no obligation to buy.

Your benefit is that you enjoy the products at wholesale prices. Best, if they're intended for your personal consumption, family or friends. The more reason I called it the "Family & Friend" package.

Let's say you want to order a bottle of Aloe Vera gel at a retail price of $18.00. FLP sells to you at 15% less, amounting to $15.30. You save the sum of $2.70.

So, why waste your money on retail when you can enjoy the products at wholesale?

Once you decide to join at this level, you'd receive your personal unique Login ID. Making all your future online orders a breeze ...

Ok, let's get back ...

As you can see, the second way of FLP registration is as a ...

2. Smart Consumer/Retailer:

The Smart package gives you products at less 30% of their values.  That's right.

For instance, let's say you want a bottle of Aloe Vera gel at $18,00. FLP sells at $12.60.
Saves you $5.4.

There are two ways to take a position ...

The 1st is, you make a one time products order worth about $380. You instantly become an Assistant Supervisor with 2 points worth of products known as 2 case-credit (2CC) to your credit -- 1CC is about $190. FLP gives you a product package known as NDP -- New Distributor Package with your unique personal identification number.

This also qualifies you to invite your friends and family to join your team.

If you're like most people, you'd want to start retailing your products at 30% retail profit.
Don't retail. I don't recommend it because you give away your power when you retail. You are the mercy of people.

Moreover, selling would zap your energy to zero... I'll show you how using FASTRACK model
saves you all of this stress...

Ok, let keep on moving...

With your 2CC, your subsequent order need be a minimum of $50 and you earn 5% on such purchase. Call it 'cash-back' and you're in order.

You can't even begin to phantom it, FLP sells at less 30% and still pays you 5% of that same earn a whooping 35% on your product purchases of $50.

Perfect for business minded people ...

The 2nd is that you may decide to cumulatively order your products till they add up to 2CC ($380). FLP is generous and allows you to achieve your 2CC within two consecutive months. Yes, that way, you'd also attain the position of a Smart Consumer ... and reach to become an Assistant Supervisor, an exalted position in the FLP marketing plan...

Now, the last of the FLP registration is by using the FASTRACK model ...

3. Fastrack Business Model:

I must say that the going is about to get heavier, because to start up here, Fastrack recommends you register at 5CC i.e. 5points.

Yes, it's the "business-class" of FLP registration...

Mind you, this model is not for everybody. It's a reserve of the big players. Especially the business minded persons who want to invest their time and money into a venture that is guaranteed to yield them fast results.

Of course, for you to invest almost a $1000 shows you're in the big league. You must also know what you're doing before you take a position in our team...

And, I can assure that you'd see results right from your first month ...

Would You Pay Your $1000 To Fastrack?

Just remember, that you don't have to pay any money to Fastrack or whosoever. You'll make your payment to FLP which is insured with products of the same sum.

While, my club would provide the tactics to jumpstart your sail...

Why Do You Have To Start With $960 for Your FLP registration?

We intensively studied the marketing plan of FLP and discovered that for you to benefit from all its incentives of a new car, free vacations, profit shares -- you must start with 5CC right from the onset of your FLP registration. It's one of the secrets of our success.

In Fastrack, our sermon is not on selling products. We simply teach you to use our simple strategy of buying product, Using products, sharing products strategically and inviting family and friends to see our presentations.

The presentation allows you to see the other side of the coin and the more reasons you should partner with FLP using our model. You'd also learn why people fail in this wonderful concept ... and why those who are succeeding succeed.

Must You Invest Your $960 At Once?

No, you would not! You'd get more value when you spread them into 2 different slots ...

With our help, structure and strategy, you'll learn what to do and how to spread your purchases so that you can derive maximum value from your order.

So Get B.U.S.I. With Your FLP Registration Now!

Yes, for sure, we call our strategy B.U.S.I -- BUY, USE, SHARE, INVITE. Simple but powerfully effective...

Fastrack would teach you to work smart, earn more with lesser effort and enjoy all the mind-blowing rewards that FLP delivers.
But of course, this option also requires a starter pack (NDP) and maintenance of monthly turnover levels. Don't worry about this new terms, in a short time you'd be shaking my hands vigorously...

Enrol now with the best aloe Vera company to take advantage of “The Greatest Opportunity on Earth.” It’s risk free. No membership fee. No monthly fee, and no obligations to buy.

As you can see, with your FLP registration, you’ll have access to amazing products, and a life-changing opportunity. And set your sail into a future of security, wellness, and wealth. Go Fastrack! You may also wish to take a minute and peek at our FASTRACK website ...

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