Is The Menace of
Free Radicals Driving You Crazy?

You're not alone: Free Radicals can constitute nuisance that torments your life and deprive it of all the nourishment it requires to stay healthy. They're mainly unstable oxygen molecules or atoms pairs that move violently  in your cells causing untold damages to your DNA, cell membrane and anything along their path...

Usually, they are by-products created from the metabolism of food i.e. the energy you release when your cells burn oxygen from the food you ate ... and in the process, release free radicals as end products.


free radicals


However, one fact I want you to note is that if you become careless and allow this menacing radicals to stay too long in your system, then you're in for a big trouble. Why? Because prolong stay of these radicals create unpleasant situation known as oxidative stress. Of course, oxidative stress has been attributed to cause over 60 -70 chronic degenerative diseases including cancer.

Not only does it cause Cancer, other such diseases in its itinerary also include:-

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Coronary heart diseases
  • Arthritis
  • Lupus etc...

Let Me Show You How They Multiply? ...

Of course, stressful lifestyle is a major contributing factor, while other point to note is how we interference and meddle with our environment such as pollution, radiation and constant exposure to high level noise.

In addition, over-dependence on medication and junk foods are strong pointers too. All these contribute in no small measures to terrorize you with enough free-radicals.

Add to that, are the toxins we receive from our environment, coupled with depleted nutrients we get from plants foods and highly processed foods. They tilt the scale in favor of more radicals in our lives.

That's the more reason, I'd advise you to watch the type of food you eat, the type of stressor you expose yourself to and above all, remember to protect yourself as much as possible from radiation and
UV rays, including pollution so as to minimize the volume of radicals you deposit in your body.

However ...

"It's Easy To Get Protected"...

free radicals

I'm sure, you must have heard about antioxidants. And, if you said we derive antioxidants from fruits and vegetables then you are very correct. Yes, antioxidants are the major antidote to free radicals.
They succeed in stabilizing these unbalanced free radicals by donating electrons to them. These electrons help to balance the unpaired electrons in the radicals.

Of course, loading yourself with enough antioxidants is the sure fire way to get rid of their menace. Therefore, if I'll say, I'd rather advice you top-up your system with enough antioxidants to enable you wage the war within and win.

Let me say it in another way ... drink lots of Aloe Vera products and eat a high variety of fruits, they help to flush them out in high numbers. Moreover, some of the fruits and vegetables you add to your meals are super-foods with higher than normal level of antioxidants ... which are very good for you.

Ok, let me help you expose one secret here? 

Do you know that your body naturally produce it’s own antioxidants? and do you also know the types its produces?

Yes, of course and they are

  • Superoxide dismutase
  • Catalase ...and
  • Glutathione peroxide.

However, you must remember that since you can't produce all the antioxidants to successfully fight your war, you must resort to sourcing others from foods and nutritional supplements you drink.

In addition, adding variety of fruits and vegetables to your meals make them look colorful and sumptuous to the eyes. So what do I tell you? "Bon Appetit" to naturally position your system
to fight these radicals.

And if you're wondering where to start? Start with Aloe Vera nutritional products -- they remain your
best supplements to help reduce their numbers. Remember, that Aloe Vera is classified as super-food with immense supply of natural antioxidants ... of course, let Aloe Vera radically free you from the nuisance value of FREE RADICALS today!


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