Are You Growing
Aloe Vera Plant To Put Food
On Your Table?
Or You’re Growing It As Ornamental Plant Just For Its Beauty?

Growing Aloe Vera plant is fun but making money from its sales is easy. Whether you intend to grow Aloe Vera as ornamental plant for its beauty and allow it to seat on your kitchen window or intend to groom it for commercial purposes to put money in your pocket, the efforts are the same. And the choice is yours.

growing aloe vera

Blooming this beautiful plant – (after all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder) is not difficult.  I started with one little potted aloe plant just to meet up with the 'Jones'. I only bought it to show-off, that "me too"  love Aloe Vera. The intension was to impress friends that truly I'm an Aloe Vera expert because most times, I talk them into buying some of the aloe Vera products I promote and nothing more ...
I had read lots articles and books about this miraculous plant and its potential as a natural healer ... so I bough one. 

Growing Aloe Vera Plant Became A Disaster

At first, blooming it wasn't easy as I often fed it with plenty water ... and other times, I over feed it with too much manure. I thought I was helping my little 'baby' to grow into healthy plant. Just like other plants, I thought Aloe Vera would be happy with every day watering. But instead of growing to an adult, it was withering and changing color.

Its growth became stunted and the leaves were gradually dying and falling off.

Things were falling apart and as you can see, growing aloe Vera plant was slowing becoming a disaster waiting to happen, so, off I went to the gardener who sold it to me to complain. You would have seen the grimace of his face ... supposing I was a little boy, the gardener would have confiscated my plant.

Mere looking at his face, you'll notice that he wasn't happy with me. I wouldn't know if it was because of the way I neglected 'his beloved' plant. Within a short period of three weeks I nearly lost 'his' aloe.

My Training On Growing Aloe Vera Plant Commences

For almost one hour, he was querying me on what I did to bring his plant to such a disrepute condition: just as if I was before a doctor, I patiently answered all his queries. After that, "luckily for you, we can still bring back this plant to its former glory and it'll cost you an equivalent of $20 to learn how to keep it alive" he said.

I was already fed up with the whole scenario and contemplated whether to leave the plant for him or pay the $20. Out of my better judgment,  I paid him and he succeeded in keeping there for the next 30 minutes. I was busy soaking up every word that left his mouth and the best ways to bring my little aloe plant, back to life.

Well, what can I say? Let me cut a long story short because, today, I make money selling healthy Aloe Vera plants. I have also recouped my initial investment over 500 times. I'm happy I didn't give up on learning to grow aloe Vera for income ...   

My 'Baby' Aloe Plant Came Back To Life

At last growing aloe Vera plant became easy. I applied all what I learnt and within two days results started manifesting. Not quite long, my little baby has grown into an adult plant and it started to 'pup'.  Ok, pups are little Aloe Vera plants that sprout out from the mother-plant. Knowing what to do with the pups brings in the money. That's where the money is.

Ok, let me pause here: I know you've been agitating to know what the gardener taught me? Don't worry, I'll not collect $20 from you to learn how to grow your own aloe Vera to make money.

Let's keep moving:

First,  it was my neighbors that were my clients and gradually words spread round and my “ministry” started expanding. People outside my locality started booking ahead.

Remember, my initial intention was to have an ornamental plant at home just with one small aloe plant in a small pot.

Whether you chose to grow Aloe Vera as ornamental plant for its beauty or grow it to put food on your table, the process and effort of looking after them are the same. Left to me, your growing aloe Vera plants should be to earn income even when you're not interested in earning from your efforts, you can do well to give them out as gifts. And get a 'THANK YOU' in return



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