How SBI! Builds You A Profitable Online Business That Slashes Your Monthly Bills By Half

Imagine being eaten alive ...

Yes, by your ever rising monthly bills…

Then you decide to find a profitable online business. A little something to remove the pressure from your salary. You found one, gave it all your best shots.

But tried as you could, it failed to rise past its first 12months.

It was a disaster. You become alarmed. And wondered where you went wrong.

But a lot went wrong…

Good a thing, you don’t have to worry as it’s the reason I wrote this business article -- to show you all you’re doing wrong and effective ways to quickly correct them before those crazy bills take your breath away.

And as a bonus, you’ll also develop the uncanny ability to spot profitable online business from a mile away.

But then, it starts with having the right mindset, sagacity and attitude…to run things on your own.

"So Why Do People Fail Online?"

You can’t give what you don’t have…

You’ve always been happy working for money. You regale in working for other people.  

“Paul, get the files from the drawer”. “Call the cleaners on the ground floor”, “send the files to the Admin on the 4th floor” “Do this! Do that”. You flourish under supervision and lack the tenacity to do things on your own.

No matter how hard you try, you seem to be satisfied with your life. And I think, the problem is that you’re unaware there is a better way to enjoy a more exhilarating lifestyle…

Even at that, you’re almost submerged in the sea of escalating monthly bills. Your house rent, children’s school fees, electricity bills, telephone bills, feeding etc., all competing for a slice from your lean salary.

It’s a miracle that you’re still alive.

Then you woke up early one morning. “It’s now or never.” You muted softly to yourself…

You can’t wait to go in search of a profitable online business. Internet was your first point of call. You’ve heard there is lot of money there. But it was fatal mistake that turned to a ‘bone in your throat’.

How can you succeed without any prior entrepreneurial skill to run a business?

And yes, without these basic skills, it’d be a miracle to find a needle in the hay.  As you can see, this is the vivid picture of an average salary earner trying to make a mark in the biz world. They leap without looking.

Surprisingly, this was the same point we found ourselves in 2010 before we ran out to look for help.

And the saying -- “when a student is ready the master appears” was true for me. Because not too long I crossed path with the formidable ‘Solo Build It! (SBI!)’… a torchbearer that changed my story.

But then…

Beware, The Internet Is Agog With Fraudsters  

Yes, there is no magic wand for quick money…online.

No short cuts except you wish to lose your life savings.

In as much there are tested and proven tools to help you get pass the humps, the handful of people who excel in their profitable online business do their homework.

They carry out their due diligence by lifting the hood. They know the Internet is agog with scammers scouring everywhere to reap where they didn’t sow…

Of course, the scammers dangle juicy carrots. And their target are salary earners. They know these set of people are gullible and overly in a hurry to make quick cash. They seem to be blind to colors as everything that glitters online is gold to to them.

They forget that anything that smells of “get-rich-quick” without requiring them to lift a finger, may likely be a mirage. So it's when you chase after a profitable online business…


Profitable Online Business Thrives On Time & Efforts

To survive online, time, efforts and hard work are essential.

Are you willing to sacrifice these three?

Just like the mango tree behind our home in Abuja that receives a barrage of stoning when it carries ripe fruits….

So it is in business:

You must find a healthy seed.

Plant the seed.

Water it till it sprouts.

Then nurture it until it starts to fruit.

These may likely take as much as 3-5years to reach maturity, but once it does; you’re in for a lifetime of reaping with little or no efforts on your part.

So it is with finding a financially profitable online business.

You’d have to look beyond the glitters.

Find proven and tested systems.

Learn to drive the process.

After which you begin to tend it till it takes a life of its own.

And once it begins to yield profits, its largess would keep you happy financially for the rest of your life.

Get It Right And It Sets The Sail...

Naturally, money soars a weak confidence.

You feel you own the world. Do things at will. It even gives you the the gumption to kick your boss behind her butt.

We call it “firing your boss”.

And life begins to make better meaning.

Then you start to flaunt your newly acquired palatial home in Malabu beach. A mecca for lavish dinners and a beehive of late night parties. You paint the town red in your metallic grey  Mercedes convertible with double exhausts.

And sure, the children leave the local school to enjoy the best of education overseas.

And those agonizing monthly bills smother into thin air…

Freedom at last!

“But are there proven system to hand you such profitable online business?”

The answer is yes.

And that’s the reason I bring you the good tiding of the indomitable ‘Solo Build It!’ (SBI!)

A suite of powerful online tools specially created for busy workplace professionals to own a successful online presence.

Prospecting Tools That Bring Profits... Closer

Do you have a tight work schedule? And aspire to own a profitable online business?

Something you can run on part time without conflicting with your day job? Then, you need SBI! to be your business guide.

Shows you everything you require to build a profitable online business.

Notice I didn’t say ‘profitable online website’. I said ‘profitable online business.’

And the reason I said profitable online business is because it exposes the three hidden steps to catapult you to the front of the queue:

  • It starts you with brainstorming - to chose the most profitable topics for your new biz
  • Shows you how to investigate and plan the fastest way to attract willing-to-buy visitors
  • And how to couch quality contents that’d regularly presell these visitors till they become customers…

Wait till I show you more…

By the time we go in-depth on what you stand to benefit from Solo Build It!; you’ll be enthralled to learn that anybody with the right tools can become a successful online entrepreneur.

The sweetest part is that you don’t need to learn anything technical upfront to build your business. SBI! takes care of all these for you in the background.

Allowing you to run…

Your Business Without The Tedious Technicality

Ever heard of HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper-Text Markup Language.

Or perhaps you’ve heard of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Computer Gateway Interface (CGI), Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and many other mark-up languages?

Don’t let those names fret you.

They are mere coding languages you require to establish a successful online presence. As you can see, they are the tedious technicality behind building a profitable online business…

Usually, lacking in this knowledge can slow things a bit and even slaughter your motivation. And if you have a tight work schedule in your day job like I used to have, you may likely not have the luxury of time to learn any new ‘language’ because it takes time to become proficient in them.

So what do you do next?

Get somebody to do them for you. And be ready to cough out a small fortune.

Well, the good-news is, you won’t have to pay anybody to do those languages for you. Yes, Solo Build It! does all of them at no extra cost. And sure, relieves you of the need to learn any HTML, FTP, CGI, Search Engine mastery and many others.

And yes, the intimidating technology behind building a profitable online business becomes a thing of the past..

This leaves you with ample time to focus your energy on other income producing activities such as writing your contents. 

And again, SBI! found that most people who rush online fail abysmally because they lack the requisite foundation for building lasting biz.

So, it came up with its free online training modules - the  Action Guide – that shows you how to build, own and run profitable online business in 10-days.

Yes, you heard correctly. I said 10 days.

Action Guide: 10-Days To Freedom

The Action Guide (AG) is your ‘online training school.’

A step-by-step guide to build one heck of a winning profitable online business in 10days.

With the AG, you can’t veer off your right track as it holds you by the hand to lead you every step of the way. And with instructions so easy that anybody who tags along gets it right the first time.

Now let's take a minute to see what you learn in 10-days:

Day 1: You master the all important basic

Day 2: Develop the best site concept

Day 3: Brainstorm more profitable page topics.

Day 4: Investigate and plan monetization options

Day 5: Refine your site concept and register your website

Day 6: Build a site that gets the click!

Day 7: Build free traffic from a variety of sources

Day 8: Develop relationships

Day 9: Know your visitors

Day 10: Monetize – It’s time!

At the close of the 10th day, you can boost of building your very own profitable online business.  

But wait-a-second!

Can you really build a thriving business in 10days?

As you can see, 10days is mere metaphor.

You should think of each day not only as 24hours calendar day but as a guide taking you through building a brighter future.

The goal is to work at your pace as time permits.

Remember you’re not in a race for the swiftest neither are you in competition with anybody. What matters is to breast the tape with a winning online presence at the end of the day.

Something like building your well before you're thirsty.

A cliché I borrowed from the inspirational network marketing book by Harvey Mackay - “Build Your Well before You Become Thirsty…” A book I'd recommend to anybody setting sail in the exciting network marketing industry.

Okay, I digressed. Can we continue?

These are what you get when you deploy Solo Builder.

Even Robert Kiyasoki, one of the leading financial intelligent experts and the author of the bestselling book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad advised that you should mind you business while keeping your day job.

And what better way to do that than to put SBI! to test.

How does SBI! succeed?

It achieves tremendous success by driving the whole process using the C-T-P-M mantra.

"Guarded Secret To Successful Online Presence"

Let’s say you’ve acquired this website with a bustling ‘Look & Feel.’

You’re raring to put it to use. You can’t wait to see it gush with cash from the blast of the whistle… you add a little sprinkle here and there of your offers. And wait for the money rain to fall…

It’s a brutal mistake and the hallmark of an amateur.

Because no matter how gorgeous your site is, results would be hard.   

“So why bother go online if not for the cash?” you thought aloud to yourself.

Oh yes, the reason for going online in the first place is for the cash. But there is a well kept way to get people to give you their cash...

SBI! called the process CTPM - Content - Traffic - Preselling - Monetization.

Its study found the basic reason people go online is in search of information and not to look for sales. Your first step therefore, is to start by providing your visitors with engaging, captivating and persuasive contents.

Content is king in the Net.

CTPM is a proven success formula that seduces your prospects to become your customers.

Yes, great contents enchant your visitors to fall in love with you. Helping you to build a quality relationship that breeds trust -- they like you, feel they’ve known for long and are willing to take the next step. Solo Builder calls this process Preselling.

It starts by creating in-demand contents, drive targeted traffic to the contents and use the contents to presell the visitors till they deliver your most wanted response.

Once you get the 1st three (Content-Traffic-Preselling) right, it opens the floodgate of unending credit alerts into your bank account.

But then, to help deliver in-demand contents that will keep your visitors asking for more, you'll find profit in using one of the finest Solo Built It! tools --  the Brainstorm It!

'Brainstorm It!' Uncovers Niches...With Potentials

Let's suppose you’re thinking - “What work experience do I have that'd sense to my readers?”, “And how do I find the right contents for them?”…

This is a general challenge for most would-be-entrepreneurs.

I remember I faced same old challenge some years back when I found SBI! but the Action Guide deflated the pressure. Its training on Day 3 showed how to find great niches and what to write.

That's how we met the ‘Brainstorm It!’ tool…

Brainstorm It! is the proprietary Solo Build It! smart keywords research and analysis tool.

It sits at the heart of your online business success.

In short, shows you the best approach to untie the most profitable niche for your site based on your work experience and knowledge.

Points you to something moderate - not too broad or too narrow. A niche just great to get the ball rolling.  

But there is more.

It also shows you  how to find topics with low hanging fruits that will help to propel your new business to the next level. Attract floods of visitors to see what you do.  

Now, you’ve selected a great looking website template from the array of gorgeous looking templates in SBI! You’ve crafted some dizzying contents. You’re sure your site has the right ambience to seduce visitors to deliver.

But the truth is, no one can see your magical contents as they languish in one part of the Net gathering dust.

How do you give your new business the exposure for the world to see it?

Well, SBI! solved that problem by enticing the search engines to send your free traffic...

Seduce The Search Engines For Free Traffic

Now you’ve secured your website, and you're itching to get started.

You’ve written some heck of sizzling contents.

And you’re good to go!

Now, is the time to flood your new business with hungry ready-to-buy traffic…

But how?

The answer is to write search engine friendly contents - generally called search engine optimized (SEO)- contents.

Sounds like lots of work, isn’t it?

Yes it is. But you’ll be enthralled on how SBI! makes writing SEO pages doable.  

Sure, the software looks to see if your contents are keywords optimized – checks to see if your keyword or its phrase is in the headline and page title. Is it in one or two of your subheadings?

Did you name your image with it? Is the keyword in your alt text and image description? Did you put it in your opening paragraph and sprinkle it once or twice in every 300 words or more?

If it notices your page is not optimized, it shows you what to do to get the page back on track.

The beauty is the ease at which it submits your contents to the search engines (SEs). And compel the engines to send you free organic traffic.  

Wait till you listen to the score card…

The splendor in SBI! comes with the ‘traffic analysis reports’.

This report analyses everybody that visited your site and from where? It also shows you the search terms or phases that attracted them to your site. And if any page isn’t doing well, shows you the problem and ways to correct them.

Of course, this tedious, "under-the-hood" stuff are invincible to you because SBI! does them underground. So that you can focus on growing your new business.

But there  are other ways to explode your free traffic. The social media.

'Steal' More Traffic From The Social Media

Do you also see the social media as a place for gossips?

Where to hang your delightful memories of exciting images and videos of your summer holidays in Dubai, Spain, Sun City, Cancum or wherever.  Or probably a place to showcase your wedding anniversaries, birthdays celebrations, promotions and anything that tickles your fancy.

But you’re wrong.

Yes, SBI! found a way to channel these unproductive efforts to income generation. Therefore included Social Media Marketing in its suite of tools...

As you can see, Solo Build It! gives you more to go online and explode.Surprisingly, you get this yummy-mouth-watery package at a working-class-price.

Call it pocket friendly.

A Profitable Online Business ,..That Pays For Itself

With as a little as 82 cents per day you’re in business.

A small $299 per year, you're sure you've began the journey to  brighten your tomorrow with a profitable online business that'd remove your financial pressure.

With such a ridiculously small amount, and considering all you get in this software, I’ll call this a ‘steal’.

Didn’t I mention the free auto-responder and the closely guarded forum to help and be helped by people already successful with SBI!

Yes, with the powerful arsenals to break the online myth, why wouldn’t you be a proud owner of a grossly successful profitable online business?

Need one more reason to run with SBI!?

Of course your purchase is insured with its 90day guarantee.

Yes, you can take it up for three whole months and if it is just not the right time for you, there’d be no questions asked if you decide to take Solo Builder up on its money back guarantee.

Of course, such a lengthy guarantee can mean only one thing.

It works.

'Yellow-Page' Insurance Cover ... In 90Days

Without doubt, you’ve seen you can run with SBI!

And a must have!

But soon as you went for your credit card, you heard that tiny voice that stopped you.

The unmistakable whisper of your devil’s advocate: “Are you sure this will work for you?”

You’re not alone. It happened to every one of us.

It’s a natural way we seek reassurance that we’re doing the right thing. I had same feeling when I found SBI! some years back but I got reassured by its 90day money-back guarantee.

A guarantee I've come to nicknam ‘Yellow-Page’ 90-day guarantee.

Allows you to take SBI! home and run it see if it fits. And after 90days it didn’t surpass its promises then you’re at liberty to return it…and get a refund with no questions asked.

Sure, 90days is almost one quarter of a year. Such long term guarantee can mean only one thing - real. You get such when you’re sure your product delivers on its promises.

And with proofs of those it has worked for. The truth is that Solo Build It! has both in abundance.

I think I should allow you to see some real people raving about Solo Build It! and how it helped them change their status.

Phew! Now that we’re here, I think we should draw the curtain here.

But can we conclude with this review without uncovering the face behind the SBI! mask?

Unmasking The Face Behind The SBI! Prowess

SBI! is powered by SiteSell Inc.

A prestigious Canadian company established in 1997 by one the finest minds on Internet Marketing named Dr. Ken Evoy. Same year he created - a website that shows people like us what SBI! can do for small businesses.

Its goal is to design and develop a hosted "web business-building system" called SBI!

And if you’ve read this lengthy review up to this point, means that one of the dynamic duo of “profitable online business” e-books created by Dr. Evoy: Make Your Content PREsell! has done its job.  

And am grateful that all the sleepless nights I spent with it honing my writing skill hasn’t been in vain. It shows anybody who desires, can write like Ken’s little daughter, Nori...

Okay, let’s keep keeping on…

Am sure you see the reason Solo Build It! is what you need right now to add a second income source to your life. .. by using it to build your own profitable online business.

 Yes, with Solo Builder anybody who so desires, can go online and come out with a sizzling business...

Let's Wrap Up Now...

Just as we're human, most of us who invested in Solo Builder feel strongly about it.

We start out with worries, naturally.

Such concerns quickly melt as we find our rhythm and build incredible e-businesses that meet our life-improving goals. It doesn’t matter if it’s to replace our day jobs or to add another income to get out of debts.

Or perhaps supplement our retirement incomes to live as if we never retired.

We get it right.

Ordinary people living their dreams.

No paper works. No hiring of additional help. No extraneous expenses. No learning of new skills.

And above all, it works! And it’ll for you…

You may wish to take a minute to see the broader scope on Solo Build It! here. Ordinary people like you and I achieving life changing results that are brightening their lives with colorful lifestyles.

And if you’re losing sleep over your unproductive Network Marketing business, learn credible and simple ways SBI! levels the playing field to bring you succor.

Start a new beginning today. Use Solo Build It! to guarantee your very own profitable online business…

Yes, with the power of SBI! it's guaranteed that you too can own a flourish profitable online business.

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Hakeem  M. Southampton UK

“I subscribed with hesitation. 'What'll another free training add to my already long list?" I thought to myself. What I didn't bargained for was how you got me captivated for the seven days. Now I run my network business online without chasing after people." —    Anthony G. Marshal IILos Angeles, California

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