Treating Radiation Burns
The Best Way With Aloe Vera...

Do you have radiation burns? Have you tried treating them with Aloe Vera? We all know that Aloe Vera is a wonder plant capable of soothing burns, boosting the immune system and generally helping the human body bounce back from a wide range of ailments.  It is also useful in helping soothe burns that normally come with radiotherapy treatments in cancer patients.


Many cancer patients suffer from what looks like a sun burn after a treatment, but these burns are typically radiation burns.  When used during treatment and after, Aloe Vera provides the patient with a gentle, natural way to cool and relieve their skin.

Discover The Power Of Aloe Vera Gel On Your Burns

The best type of Aloe Vera for burns is the gel, preferably straight from the plant itself or in a
commercial formula that is at least 99% pure.  100% pure is preferred but not always practical or available.  The gel of the plant contains at least 75 known substances that are found in nature and in the human body. 

It acts as a mild anaesthetic and helps soothe swelling, pain and itching.  What many people don’t realize is that Aloe Vera is also an antifungal and antibacterial.  When used on burns and other injuries, it helps promote increased blood flow to the area that has been wounded.

In addition to studies on how topical Aloe Vera helps radiation burns, there have been some done on the double effect of topical and oral Aloe Vera when it comes to healing the body.  Patients who added Aloe Vera juice to their water for about two months combined with a topical solution of at least 25% Aloe Vera healed more quickly than those who were given just a placebo. 

If you are considering using an Aloe Vera gel to treat burns, make sure it is alcohol free and apply it 2 to 3 times a day with some type of water based moisturizer.

Aloe Vera Helps Cancer Patients On Radiation Treatment To Feel Less Nausea With Boosted Energy Level

Cancer patients have other things to contend with besides burns.  Quite often they are nauseous and have low energy levels because of the intense treatment they are undergoing.  Those who have added Aloe Vera juice to their diet during their treatment have found that they have lesser nausea, their blood counts are higher than those not taking the Aloe and their energy levels are improved.  Aloe Vera juice also helps relieve ulcers, stomach problems and indigestion, all of which are other side effects of cancer treatments.

When using Aloe Vera to treat your burns and other ailments, always do so under the care of your physician.  Discuss with them the best type of Aloe Vera treatment for your ailments as it comes in a wide range of formats, from juice to powder to high potency tablet. 

Make sure that you don't over-use the Aloe Vera, especially if you are taking oral corticosteroids.  Too much Aloe Vera in your system could cause a potassium deficiency as well as potentially toxic effects.  If you have any adverse reactions from using Aloe Vera for your burns or other ailments, discontinue use right away and contact your doctor.

Aloe Vera Soaps Do Well Too On Radiation Burns ...

A recent randomized study of 70 patients undergoing radiation therapy was carried out in the University of Miami. They were placed on skin care with either Aloe Vera soap or simply mild soap. The soap contained pure stabilized Aloe Vera gel mixed with some other compounds.

The result showed that Aloe Vera had protective effect on patients who received large doses of radiation. It goes to show that aloe Vera soap can also help patients with radiation burns.


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