Rare Scientific
Name of Aloe Vera You
Should Know

For a plant that leaves indelible marks everywhere it goes, finding the scientific name of aloe Vera should have been paramount on my to-do list of researches.

Realizing that I urgently needed to do something...

I dived into the Net and discovered that we can't even begin to talk about the scientific name of aloe Vera without a mention of the beautiful Caribbean Island of Barbados. And the world-famous botanist and explorer called Philip Miller...


Because, it's an association that began some couple of centuries ago.

Of course, it was in the ancient Island of Barbados in the Caribbeans that the legendary Phillip Miller discovered and officially gave Aloe Vera its scientific name some two centuries ago.


Miller was later to become the chief gardener at the prestigious Chelsea Physic Garden in London.  

Although, other botanists tried their own version of names such as Aloe Vera Linne and Aloe Vera Lemarck. Aloe Barbadensis Miller stood head over shoulders above all of them. And has received worldwide acceptance to date...

And that, as you can see, was the genesis of the scientific name of aloe Vera in modern times...

Taking us to look at its family...

Aloe Vera Originated
From Asphodeloideae Family

A proud member of the Asphodeloideae family and prides itself as the most sought-after of the over 250 known species of the massive aloe family.
For sure, the "aloe" part of its name came from the Arabic word "aloeh" meaning "bitter and crystalline seva". While the "vera" part was picked from a Latin word that means "true".

From its local meaning, I think the scientific name of Aloe Vera should have read: "true bitter and crystalline seva" instead of Aloe Barbadensis Miller. Anyway, am just expressing my thought.

As a subtropical plant it can thrive where rainfall is low with a tropical climate. Hence, they flourish predominantly in the Northern Africa and some parts of Asia.

Outside its scientific name, does Aloe Vera have other names? 

Let's take a minute to find out...

Aloe Barbadensis Miller:
Plant Of Many Names

Outside being known as Aloe Barbadensis Miller, it might interest you to learn that it's equally known with other names which you may never have heard.

For example, Barbados aloe, Curacao aloe, Coastal aloe, Indian aloe, Medicinal aloe, Jaffarabad aloe, Star cactus, Mediterranean aloe, West Indian aloe, True aloe are names it's known with in other climes.

Not only that, even the ancient Egyptians called it: "the plant of immortality". And found other great uses for it especially as part of their funerary gifts to their late Pharaoh to keep his spirit from harm.

On a lighter mood, we in Africa believed it could wade off evil spirits and hung it on our entrances/doors to drive the bad spirits away.

"Was it effective in driving spirits and do you still practice such?" I known I have piqued your curiosity.

Not anymore, these were ancient practices that took place some hundreds of years ago. Most of us are now enlightened and have found better uses to put this amazing plant rather than allowing it to rot at the entrance.

Ok, what differentiates this plant from others, and what gives it the advantage to survive in the deserts despite little or no water with very low moisture?

Aloe Vera or The Portrait Of  Health

If you've never seen Aloe Vera before, it's a succulent plant with fleshy leaves. Remember, "succulent" comes from 'sucus', meaning juice or sap in Latin.

These saps make up about 92% of the Aloe Vera leaves and stem. Empowering it to easily survive in arid climates where there is little water and low moisture.

For this singular reason, it made countries such as North Africa, East Africa, South Africa, India, China, and those around the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea and in Indian Ocean islands its natural habitat.

In good season, it can reach an incredible height of 120-125cm.

Therefore, if you wish to derive maximum benefits from this unassuming plant, I'll advise you allow it to attain nothing less than 3 years before you harvest.

And if you give it an environment considered to be conducive, I bet, it'll return such favor with heavy-duty leaves that can reach weights as much as 1300g.

Since, it seldom requires plenty water for its livelihood,  it's can blossom in large plantations in places like Texas, California, Arizona and Mexico considered to be arid.

And yet, it's been serving you from time immemorial and giving you the all-round-protection to enjoy a much healthier life.

An 'Obedient Servant' Since
Generations Past And Still Serving ...

Aloe Vera plant has a rich history and has been used as a medicinal plant for centuries past. Because of its curative benefits to mankind.

For instance, it's on record that Egyptian queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti used aloe in their normal beauty regimen.

Am happy that you can begin to see that the relevance of Aloe in the wellness and cosmetic industries didn't begin today but dates back to thousands of years during the reign of beautiful Cleopatra and Nefertiti...

That's why you find it everywhere: in skin lotions, juices, beverages, cosmetics, and the most common? Ointments for treating burns and sunburns.

Not only that, its mammoth benefits bring up its head in using it to resolve problems such as hair loss, burns, haemorrhoids, skin infections, gastrointestinal pain, sinusitis, bruises treatment, insect burns, somatic, anti-helminthic and Anti-arthritic amongst others.


Modern Day Uses Of
Aloe Vera Dates Back To The 1800s

Like I mentioned earlier, you'll notice that the scientific name of aloe Vera is slightly being interwoven with its history.

For example, its uses in modern world didn't start until 1800s in the United States where it was used as a laxative.

But, its major breakthrough came when it was used in treating severe and chronic radiation dermatitis. A position it still maintains to date...

It's amazing what Aloe Vera can do for the both of us.

So, with a membership of over 250 species, is aloe Vera the only beneficent plant of this pack? If you answered No, are there others that are also good for human consumption?

Let's find out, shall we?

Other Powerful 
Family Members You Should Meet...

In as much as we are exploring the scientific name of Aloe Vera, there are equally other beneficial Aloe that are good for your consumption.

Of these, the most important are as listed below:

Aloe Africana:- Before Aloe Vera, it was the king of the pack, It was the most sought after species. Although still in existence but its nutritional contents is far below that of Aloe Vera.

Aloe Socotrina :- This Aloe is native to the island of Socotra, South Yemen. The Arab merchants believed that this plant has some magical properties that can keep them living forever..

Aloe Vera :- knowing fully well we're already reviewing the scientific name of aloe Vera, it still found a way to smuggle itself into this list...

Well, may be we can use the opportunity it presents to throw more light on its two major types.

Yes, Aloe Vera comes in two powerful species: the green and the blue. Both species have almost the same therapeutic effects, but with different rise times...
While the Blue Aloe Vera matures in 3 years, it takes the Green a longer time of between 4 to 5years to mature. When planted in conducive environment, the Green type can deliver yields almost twice that of the blue.

Aloe ferox :– It is is the most agreed specie of aloe from the Far East. Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese eat a lot of this aloe. They call it the  "daily ration health." They enjoy it either raw or cooked.

Aloe Arborescens - This is a wild species of aloe that grows in desert regions of Russia. Aloe Arborescens  is still under the Russian scientists' attention and has been reputed to neutralize cancerous cells...

Now, let's pause a little bit from the scientific name of aloe Vera and focus on how to benefit from the largesse of its therapeutic gifts?

Enjoying The
Therapeutic Benefits Of  Drinking
Aloe Vera

Sometimes, I begin to wonder if I could ever do without a sip of my cold life-enhancing Aloe gel?

Since my children can't seem to find sweetness in my raw aloe vera gel, I found them fruits sweetened aloe vera drinks without meddling with its 100% nutrients.

These products have helped my household to stay out of the reach of the doctors. These are 100% nature drinks I'll advise you bring home...

And by all means avoid sugar-sweetened-beverages known as soft drinks. They're nothing but trouble.

Now, these products am about to unveil to you are what you need to reap all the therapeutic power of aloe vera drinks:

Let’s start with my favorite, 100% stabilized aloe vera gel just as nature has made it. Gives you an all-round-protection to enjoy some good burst of healthy living. Then you may wish to read more here.

I hope you enjoy its exciting bitter taste.

And if your joints are beginning to ache, get inflamed and beginning to leave you in severe pains, then, you may need to try the Aloe Vera in Forever FREEDOM jar. Stops all your excruciating joints pain before they become a disability.

A powerful aloe Vera elixir specially made to fight arthritis and win.

This other one, Aloe Vera Nectar is best for your spouse. Especially women that are constantly exposed to infection from toilets. Helps to keep the health of their private organs.

An all-round protection against all those germs and infections. Read more here.

And not forgetting your children. Remember, children hate anything bitter. So, Aloe Bits 'N Peaces was specially made for them. Am sure, they'll love it like my children do. You may wish to read more about its benefits here...

Okay, I digressed. Let's get back to our topic...

And Finally... Finally!

Oh yes, aloe Vera has been one hell of obedient servant starting from the beautiful Island of Barbados in the Caribbean to the priest who baptized it with its scientific name of Aloe Barbadensis Miller, the world renowned botanist called Philip Miller...

Everywhere it goes, it leaves a mark of blessing in its path from the Caribbeans down to the Himalayas then to the Pacific of Europe and Americas...

To ornaments at home adorning places of honor exchanging health and wealth in the process. Achieves all these by sharing its many gifts with the world to let humanity live an exceptional healthy lives...

And just before I leave the stage, will it be okay you help to answer this my last question: "Mention only one scientific name of aloe Vera you know?"...

To your health and wealth. Welcome...

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